Strong spirit path store

The Strong Spirit Store is for those desiring to proudly display they value strength, freedom, and living as a strong spirit!

The Strong Spirit Path logo with an arrow represents those who desire to be on the 'straight and arrow' path, to live a virtuous life, and bravely realize their Divine Purpose. Living in alignment with Logos is like wearing a shield, a reminder of trusting the divine to guide you unerringly along the most illuminated path to your best possible life.

See the entire Live Fruitfully Store Collections, here.

The Strong Spirit Path Tees, Hoodies, & Mugs

Strong Spirit Woman American Apparel
Racerback Tanks & Tees ~ Made in USA

Being a Strong Spirit Woman is an inside job! Be inspired! Get fit, be bold, and be YOU! Strong in body, mind, and heart!

Women are innately gifted with the ability to nurture, care for, and create beauty and life. We are also the wisdom keepers, helping build strong families and communities.


In the beginning was Logos!

The Strong Spirit Collections would not be complete without bumper stickers and kitchen magnets! #LOGOSRISING is on the rise! Get a few for yourself, and several for your friends! 

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