Spiritual Coaching to Overcome Negative Emotions, Addictions & SOS!

I offer Spiritual Coaching to support you on your journey through that narrow gate, and to finally overcome the nagging, negative mental chatter, limiting beliefs, old unhealed emotions, and habitual worry or other addictive behaviors that prevent you from living fruitfully.  During our time together, I help illuminate a path to living a divinely aligned, fruitful life.  

Everyone has experienced challenges in life.  If not, that's too bad.  Our difficult experiences help us build character, fortitude and the fruit of the Spirit.

The problem is that we often don't know how to let go and forgive.  If we are harboring old wounds, they will haunt us until we appropriately address and resolve them.  I have found the most powerful way to do that is through the forgiveness process.  

Spiritual coaching is very supportive to your needs, whatever that may be for you.  Many people are suffering on their own, without feeling like they have someone they can trust and confide in.  Keeping everything bottled up makes things worse, as all that is repressed or oppressed will build in pressure, taking more and more energy to keep hidden within.

Spiritual coaching therefor is especially beneficial because it really helps to have someone on your 'team' or side.

What takes place during a Spiritual Coaching Session?

During spiritual coaching sessions, I will help you:

  1. Put things in perspective, to not make any issue bigger than necessary
  2. Learn to recognize how you may be sabotaging yourself 
  3. Help you become more neutral, and less emotionally reactive
  4. Observe, rather than participate in your thoughts and imagination
  5. Recognize when you are operating under an inferior operating system 
  6. Help you align with a far superior operating system for which to navigate your life
  7. Coaching on the forgiveness and/or repentance process as needed
  8. Prayerful support
  9. Rebuking unwanted / unholy ties, curses, spells, etc.

The spiritual coaching I offer may be a bit less conventional than most, as I weave together tools I learned from the Holistic CORE Counseling system, in alignment with the guidance of God working through the Holy Spirit, or DOS.

Just as your computer, smart phone, or GPS systems need to be updated to newer operating systems, you too will have markedly improved life outcomes when you update from the inferior operating system most people are unwittingly following to one that is far superior.

I may make broad diet or nutritional supplement recommendations if it comes up during a Spiritual Coaching session, otherwise Health Coaching for improving mental/emotional balance and improved physical vitality can be combined for those interested at the Health Coaching rates. 

What does a Spiritual Coaching Session cost and how do I get started?

As of the time of writing this (November 28, 2020) I have Spiritual Coaching sessions laid out as follows:

  • A first session of 30-60 minutes gives potential clients a chance to talk with me and discuss their issues/concerns/needs which will help me determine if I believe what I know I can offer would be of value ~ THIS SESSION IS COMPLEMENTARY - fill out the Contact Form Here or Here to get my direct email and/or cell phone # to get scheduled 
  • Follow-up sessions are arranged as needed (usually weekly to start is best) and tend to run about 60 minutes, give or take
  • Depending on one's needs, extra material may be emailed and/or special prayerful sessions can be scheduled
  • When there is a good pattern / precedence set of new 'habits' or better emotional stability and strength, ongoing sessions provide continued support which can be conducted via email and/or by phone, weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly
  • While all of my own training and expertise and my time is similar to if conducting a Health Coaching session, I am offering a chance for those in need to receive the help, even if on a very tight budget ~ this can be handled either on a by donation basis or by arranging all that we do according to what will comfortably fit in your budget

I am developing a Spiritual Coaching format that may be made available as a monthly subscription.  Stay tuned for more details!

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