Simple Fish Recipes

Here are a few simple fish recipes, including for ceviche, a popular dish south of the border which 'cooks' the fish or seafood using fresh citrus juice.

Raw fish and seafood is commonly consumed by native populations world wide, especially among those living near coastal areas.  The fatty acids in fish, especially the Omega 3 fats including  eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)  have been extensively studied for their role in preventing heart disease. Many people also believe that consumption of at least some raw foods containing beneficial enzymes is essential for healing and maintenance of health.  

You will get plenty of enzymes if following our Meats & Sweets dietary approach from raw fruit consumption. Some people may also require additional supplementation of digestive enzymes, including hydrochloric acid, or HCL.

Enjoy fish and seafood, especially shellfish in your diet once or more per month to obtain the health benefits particular to these individual food sources. Choose smaller fish, mild white fish, wild caught, or sustainably harvested and fish and seafood as much as able, while avoiding larger fish like swordfish and even tuna which may have higher concentrations of mercury.

Enjoy the following simple fish recipes with whatever types of fish or seafood are available in your local region.

Simple Fish Recipes - Raw 

Raw Wild Cod is a great raw fish to choose to prepare Ceviche because of its mild flavor. Ceviche is a super simple and delicious way to incorporate 'raw fish' into your diet, as the citrus in marinates in essentially 'cooks' the fish
Raw Salmon, lightly seasoned and marinated in fresh orange and a little Carlson Norwegian Lemon Cod Liver Oil and XVOO.
Fish bone broth is another way to get the many benefits of fish into your diet, and makes a delicious soup. Add a fish head, and the entire skeleton from any fish, especially fatty fish to get the DHA contained in the eyes and brain.

You will hardly feel like you are eating raw fish when you let fish marinate in some fresh citrus.  Very refreshing!


Mix 1 pound  or more of wild caught cod, shrimp, or other raw fish of choice in a bowl with the juice of about 1/2 of 1 lemon, a pinch each of salt and white pepper, and some finely diced vegetables, such as scallions,  red onion, celery.  

To add some heat, add a little finely diced jalapeño.  Fresh chopped cilantro or fresh small grape or other tomatoes, chopped is also good.  Stir to combine, then let it sit for one hour to overnight.  

The acid from the citrus slightly 'cooks' the fish.  If desired, enjoy on a salad with fresh chopped avocado.

Citrusy Raw Salmon:

This wild salmon was made by adding fresh squeezed orange,  and 2 teaspoons each of Carlson Norwegian Lemon Cod Liver Oil, and XVOO, along with a little salt and pepper.  

Pecan, macadamia nut, hazelnut, or avocado oil would also provide a subtle nutty flavor.  

Alternatively, try a white, red, or fig balsamic vinegar in lieu of the citrus.

Season as desired, with a pinch of salt and dill, or a tiny pinch of cayenne for a bit of heat.  

Serve with fermented cabbage, or a Pressed Cabbage Salad.

We recently had some wild salmon, which I initially marinated for about an hour, thinking we could either enjoy raw, or lightly steamed.  I decided to go for both.  It is almost like eating a totally different meat when it is steamed, versus raw.

This salmon was really excellent raw.  Raw fish is very tender.  The steamed fish is more meaty, with more of a toothy bite.

I used local white grapefruit (which is actually sweeter than most), a drizzle of XVOO, salt, white pepper, a dill blend, and a pinch of cayenne.  

The steamed salmon also has a little herbed butter on top.  Served with fermented cabbage.  Super delicious, and high in Omega 3 fatty acids ~ important nutrients for your brain!

Simple Fish Recipes - Cooked

For those who are not ready to incorporate raw fish or seafood into your diet, try any of these simple preparations for pan-fried, grilled, baked, or steamed fish instead!

Wild cod pan-fried with butter, lemon, salt and pepper. Simple is always best!
Pan-fried Keta Salmon w/ Sautéed Vegetable Medley.
Keta Salmon, dusted w/ coconut flour, and a pinch of cayenne, also pan-fried in a little coconut oil.

Season fish of choice with salt and pepper and pan fry in a heated pan, using a little ghee or butter.  Don't over cook!  Flip when it begins to turn brown.  It will only take a few minutes.

Squeeze lemon on top.  Voila ~ quick and easy.

Variations ~ Simple Methods for Cooking Fish:

Dust salmon or other fish with a light dusting of coconut flour (optional) and pan-fry in a non-stick pan, or in a pan with a blend of coconut oil and butter, or oil of choice.  

Mix the coconut (or other flour) with salt, pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper or curry on a plate, and lightly coat both sides of the fish.  An easy method I often do is to use a mesh tea strainer to lightly dust flour onto fish.  The reason I do this is that the fish is often fairly moist after thawing.  The flour absorbs some of the moisture.

Pan fry until fish easily flakes.  Try to under rather than over cook!

Alternatively, place fish on a heat proof pan.  Season as desired with a little lemon, butter, salt and pepper.  Broil or bake in the oven, paying attention to not over cook.

Fish can be grilled, or wrapped in foil or parchment paper, and baked, or heated on a grill.  Add some diced pepper and onion for flavor.

Another great option is to steam or poach fish.  Bamboo steamers are excellent for this purpose.

Sardines, mackerel, or canned salmon with the bones are a super simple way to include some fish into your diet, and supplement with calcium.

Be sure to get good quality sources free of unhealthy plant oils, like canola or soy oil.

 Mix with homemade mayonnaise, dill, and prepared horseradish, along with diced onion, celery, or even sweet pickles and you have an super simple meal.

Making broth with fish heads and bones is very flavorful and nutritious. Once you have broth made, this Luscious, Creamy Fish Soup recipe is a breeze.

Watch the video below to learn how to make it!

This delicious, Creamy Fish Soup was quick to make once I had the Fish Bone Broth prepared.   We found some wild rock fish and cod priced well at a local market.  The fish was quickly pan-fried as above, and added to the soup.  

Watch the video below to learn how to make this delicious and simple Creamy Fish Soup.  It has a secret ingredient that gives it a nice rich, creamy flavor without actually adding a lot of cream.    

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