High Vitality coaching services

High Vitality Coaching Services can get you on the right tract to living a fruitfully vital, satisfying and healthy life. 

I consider all that I do to be a form of health coaching ~ addressing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as appropriate ~ including weight loss, & overcoming unhealthful cravings and self-negating habits.  

While I have several 'tools' in my tool bag, High Vitality Coaching Services are tailored to your needs ~ whether to focus specifically on diet, OR getting your thoughts, lifestyle routines &/OR home aligned to live a more vibrant and fruitful life ~ together we will craft the most fruitful path for your needs.

Strong Spirit Services 

  • Health Coaching - High Vitality Coaching Services are tailored to your needs, to focus specifically on diet, or any other area you desire help improving.  
  • Hypnotherapy - Use of guided visualizations and techniques to help reframe/rewire and/or replace negative thoughts with positive, self-affirming beliefs in accord with one's desired outcomes and Divine potential. This is NOT stage hypnosis. It is a very safe and relaxing therapy that is also self-empowering, as you remain aware and engaged, and always in control. 

  • Holistic CORE Counseling  - The ultimate holistic healing service, addressing your various 'parts' ~ including those with lesser and greater resources to  regain freedom from habituated emotional triggers that can keep you stuck.  The CORE system is like a MAP that can help you to more consciously and elegantly create your desired outcomes ~ the foundation of The Self-Empowerment Plan book, and all of my High Vitality Coaching Services.  
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  • Organizing, De-Cluttering, Detail Cleaning, Shopping, & Harmonizing Spaces - I am available to help local clients including seniors who are either down-sizing, relocating, or need extra help.  I can also help shop for food, organize kitchen or office spaces, and other services.  I understand the needs of seniors, or busy single people, and have experience helping my mom do everything from re-organizng her files, decluttering, detail cleaning walls, windows, re-organizing shelves, pet care and more.  Article coming.

  • CORE Energy ReAlignment - Unique to the Holistic CORE Counseling system, this powerful energetic clearing is a holistic and transformational experience, focusing more on releasing limiting beliefs, and planting new seeds of positive, self-affirming and loving intentions in their place.  

  • Talk Therapy / Personal Confidante - Similar to Spiritual Mentoring or 'talk therapy', I focus on being a trusting listener, guiding as appropriate.  Most of us can use a personal confidante from time to time, or even regularly!  As my teacher, Dr. Hart would always say, "there is healing in the telling!"  Subjects can include personal or professional issues, and are to remain respectful and follow a code of ethics.  I am not a licensed professional counselor or therapist, and will refer anyone with mental health issues, major drug addictions, or other conditions to a licensed professional.



  • First Session - Up to 90 Minutes - $125 
  • Follow-up Sessions - Up to 90 Minutes - $105
  • Briefer Sessions can be pro-rated at $25 per 15 minutes, $45 per 30 minutes, $65 per 45 Minutes, and $80 per hour


  • Pre-pay for First Session + 2 Follow-Up Sessions - $300 (Reg. $335 ~ Save $35)
  • Pre-pay for First Session + 4 Follow-Up Sessions - $475 (Reg. $545 ~ Save $70)
  • Pre-pay for 4 Brief 15 Minute Sessions, and get your 5th FREE! (Saves $25)

Cleaning, De-Cluttering & Home Services: 

  • $25 - $30 per hour, depending on service, typically with a 3 hour, or $75 minimum for decluttering/organizing or detail cleaning projects.  Shopping and errands can be priced at a discounted rate as needed. Mileage may be added.

Getting Started:

  • Contact Me 
  • Schedule a complementary consultation (typically about 20 minutes) before we get started to determine your needs, and to see if we would be a good fit.  This can be by phone, or in person if local.
  • For in-home services, schedule a first meeting either in your home, at a local cafe, or by phone, depending on what services you desire.

Contact me to learn more, or to schedule

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