The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is NOW Available!

The Strong Spirit (S.S.) Self-Empowerment Plan, Your MAP to Consciously & Effectively Create Your Most Illuminated Life is NOW Available in paperback on Amazon.  Kindle and e-book versions will be available by December, 2018.  

The S.S. Self-Empowerment Plan is available in paperback, with Kindle and e-book versions to come. I'm still waiting for copies ~ these were the proofs.

This ten-step plan is a simple but effective guide, or MAP,  to help you overcome the common obstacles that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams.  These steps are proven to be effective in helping reframe limiting beliefs, and old, unresolved emotions.  

You can learn to break free from automatic conditioned responses, and release what no longer serves your best interests to more organically align with your most illuminated path ~ that path where you most shine!

When you share your innate gifts in meaningful ways, you enjoy a better quality of life.  You experience greater enthusiasm, vitality, and flow as you become ever more in sync with your Soul's Divine Mission.  Your confidence will soar as well!

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is a ten-step process that can help you get from Point A to Point B ~ and beyond ~ as effectively and elegantly as possible!

The ten steps of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan will help you access your greatest inner treasures.  You will also learn to meet your most powerful allies ~ aspects of your own self, and many other helpful resources ~ to help you every step of the way.  These aspects can help you remain inspired and motivated to take the next best steps to help you arrive in a timely manner to your desired destination.  

Whether you desire to lose weight, stop smoking (or give up any other self-negating habit), improve your finances, meet your divine soul partner, or express your talents in purposeful and fruitful ways, the process is the same.  You are here, and you want to be there.  

To undertake any journey in life, what you most need is a MAP.  The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is one such map that may just become your personal guide to help you overcome challenges, including debilitating emotions and insecurities, to be the most illuminated version of yourself you came here to be.

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is filled with little gems, including tips and steps you can incorporate into your routine to live a more empowered life, and suggestions for when you need more support.  

You will also learn how to recognize when you are in the 'dreaded D's ~ denial, discounting, diversion and more ~ and how to apply the Useful R's ~ reframe, reclaim++ ~ to help you overcome issues and habits from the past that are still influencing your present choices.

The video below is a reading from The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan helping you discern what type of vision you have.  The lens through which you view the world ~ whether you have judgmental, greedy, resentful, superior, inferior, or loving vision ~ is greatly influencing the outcomes showing up in your life.

Listen to the video below (or read more in the book) to determine which type of vision you have!

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic C.O.R.E. Counselor.  I weave together empowering guided visualizations, energy healing, and strategies that I have used for myself and my clients to effectively overcome old, debilitating emotions, grief, traumas, disappointments, and self-doubts, and  live with greater confidence and personal sovereignty.  

I have read my share of 'self-help' books over the years.  None addressed the appropriate tools or steps to take to help me overcome a lifetime of personal challenges that were sabotaging my efforts at applying the 'think and be rich' approach to manifestation.  

If your inner thoughts are not in alignment with what you desire, no amount of hocus pocus will get you from where you are, to where you desire to be.  

You simply must face  ~ and effectively reframe ~ the negating thoughts and beliefs that lie buried in the subconscious that can undermine your progress, no matter what you try to do.  There simply is no skipping steps.  

Our ability to be the most illuminated version of ourself possible is an inside job.  When you en-lighten your load, your inner light will have the space to shine.  The rest happens organically.  It's simple, yet it requires patience, focus, and willingness to do the work.

More than just another self-help book teaching about the Laws of Attraction, the steps in The Self-Empowerment Plan teach you how to employ the raw materials required to consciously create realities, and align with your most illuminated life.

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