The Main Components of Physical Health

Having excellent physical health involves several components.  What are they?  

Healthy living, including a species appropriate, healthy diet is essential if you want to have a good quality of life, free of debilitating pain, illness, and a lifetime of dependency on synthetic drugs, unnecessary invasive surgeries, and limited mobility.  

Strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination are all aspects of being in good physical condition, and define the natural potential expression of our human form ~ when proper care is taken!

Below, I outline the 
five main categories influencing our physical health, and the five main qualities that define a healthy body

Five main categories influencing our
physical health 

  • A Healthy Diet -Start by being clear which foods should be greatly minimized or avoided.  Substitute with healthier whole foods.

  • Fitness - Exercise is important to maintain lean, strong muscles, mobility, endurance and coordination (see above.)

  • Recreation/Creativity The importance of grounding, connecting to Nature, and having a creative outlet all play a vital role in having good health.

  • Home & Self-Care - Creating harmonious living environments, and using non-toxic products in your home and on your body all contribute to having good physical health.

  • Connectedness - No one is an island.  Having good quality relationships, especially with loved ones and family is important for having good mental & emotional health, which will impact physical health. 

Five Qualities Of A Healthy Body

  • Appropriate muscular development and percentage of lean body mass
  • Flexibility and mobility of all joints - ability to move and use the body as Nature intended
  • Postural integrity and alignment
  • Coordination 
  • Endurance

Good health is more than absence of dis-ease, for which few among us actually are fortunate enough to experience.  It is having a positive mindset, healthy emotional states, self-confidence, and a sense of connectedness ~ connection to family, friends, and an extended 'tribe' of people for which you share a cultural heritage and similar values.  

Having a spiritual practice and connection to Nature are also vitally important aspects to having excellent mind-body health ~ ultimately perhaps the most important once a good nutritional foundation has been established.

Studies show that populations with the greatest number of centenarians have several things in common, including living among ethnically homogeneous groups of people with similar ancestry, and shared values.  They are very connected to their land and geographic area, and work cooperatively together, sharing in providing the necessities of life ~ including fresh, local, whole foods.

Despite being relatively 'poor' economically, they live happy, fulfilling lives, expressing greater abundance in many ways that our materialistic 'civilized' urban lifestyles lack.

When you live harmoniously to your true nature, or in your  'Right Alignment' ~ expressing your gifts and joys in meaningful ways ~ and when you live in your ideal location, among those for whom you share values ~ you will have a much greater sense of wellbeing, which will  be mirrored in having excellent physical health.  And that leads to a very satisfying, healthy and fruitful life!

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Having good physical health can help you:

  • enjoy playing with your children
  • participate in athletic and recreational pursuits
  • have  maximum physical freedom and mobility
  • age gracefully
  • minimize or avoid the need for expensive drugs and surgeries, and senior care
  • exude self-confidence
  • take care of yourself and loved ones in an emergency
  • pursue your dreams

Enjoy Vibrant Health!  


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Taking care of your self early on in life pays dividends!  Avoid the mistakes made by earlier generations who lacked the appropriate knowledge, and/or through neglect led many to experience premature aging, crippling, and mental and physical decline.

Remember, you are never too old to make positive changes that can greatly improve the quality of both your health, and your life.