Organize And Declutter Your Home To Transform Your Life!

Taking time to organize and declutter your home always leads to fruitful results, however, maintaining an organized and decluttered home can be a challenge for many.   I recently finished reading Real Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free  in 15 Minutes-A-Day, by Cassandra Aarssen, which I reviewed here.  

Over the years I have honed my inner-organizer skills, and Aarssen's book helped provide me with some creative solutions to organize according to my style. Aarssen's book offered some tips and solutions that made a lot of sense to me, and fit my criteria of being seemingly simple to implement. I agree with Aarssen when she states  that learning to organize and declutter your home can really transform and energize your life.

Organize and declutter your home for a more fruitful life! 

What a clean, organized, de-cluttered kitchen can look like! Bright and airy with those windows! Photo courtesy of

With the help of a couple of books, I learned how  to organize and declutter for my particular style and needs.  

Organizing For Your Brain Type: Finding Your Own Solution to Managing Time, Paper, and Stuff, by Lanna Nakone, which I initially read several years ago was the first book about organizing that assured me that even though typical organizing systems designed for left-brain types don't work for me, I could create systems that did.  

Implementing the best strategies to help you organize and declutter your living spaces in the most effective ways for your unique style and needs can make all the difference in the world of organizing!

Aarssen's book, Real Life Organizing has provided many great suggestions  for actually maintaining a clean and clutter-free home environment that as she writes, practically maintains itself. 

Maintaining a clean and organized home is an important ingredient in cultivating a fruitful life.  Clutter can really bring your energy down, increase stress, waste precious time and energy, and minimize your sense of peace.

Learning to regularly organize and declutter your home will contrarily help you feel more focused, clear, and energized.  

Beginning to organize and declutter this zone, yet again. I've worked on this area previously while decluttering my boxes of photos, here.

Here are some steps to help you organize and declutter, gleaned from Real Life Organizing, along with tidbits I've already been in the habit of doing.

Another good resource I found recently is The Survival Mom site, with lots of good information and resources, including The Survival Mom's Mini Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Living Space.

  • Begin by taking a quick scan of your home to determine your trouble areas. 
  • Start with one little zone at a time.  Aarssen recommends beginning with the area that causes you the most angst every day.
  • Decide how you want to use that space.
  • Create a master list of tasks that can be broken down into 1-15 minute projects.
  • When ready to begin, have a few tools handy.  I like to have a paper bag or box when sorting through paper stuff ~ my biggest trouble zone ~ for recycling, and a separate container for trash.  You may want to make sure you have some water, tea and even snacks handy if it will help!  Set a timer if needed to avoid burnout.
  • The next step is to Sort and Purge (remember SPACE!)

  • Quickly sort out trash and recycling, separating papers out that you need to keep.  You may try sorting those into separate piles/files for bills that need to be paid, papers that need to be filed, and receipts that need to be recorded. 
  • A good way to keep clutter under control is to keep subscriptions to magazines, catalogs, etc. to a MINIMUM.  Only order what you will truly read and enjoy!
  • Dust and/or clean, then Assign everything to an area, Contain it, then Evaluate.  (SPACE = SORT, PURGE, ASSIGN, CONTAIN, EVALUATE.)
  • Use jars for sorting office stuff, putting colored pencils or markers all together in one, pens in another, paper clips in yet another, etc.
  • If you have a lot of pads for notes, and other stationary supplies, keep only what you may realistically use, than recycle or donate extras.  

When you are ready to take on the great adventure to organize and declutter your home, remind yourself of your goals.  Tell yourself you are capable of, and worthy of living in a pleasant space, no matter how small, or tight your budget may be.

The real magic is in making lists of tasks, deciding what needs to be done daily versus weekly, or seasonally, then writing it out in some form you will use ~ paper, or online.

Cassandra has many forms you will have access to after purchasing her book at her website,

Write out your daily cleaning tasks, then do them!  Fifteen minutes-a-day in the evening, and a few minutes or so in the morning can help you maintain a clean, organized, clutter-free home!  

Sometimes all you need to maintain an organized and decluttered home are the right tools that match the space and need. Finding a workable system to organize and declutter paper stuff is especially challenging for me, and I suspect many.  I have implemented a few strategies, primarily adding vertical files that keep papers and notebooks that I regularly use accessible and visible. I can easily take it out, and more importantly, put it away at the end of the day. 

Once everything has a home, the rest is easier to maintain!

Not being able to appropriately process and manage mail and bills can lead to excess unnecessary stress, especially when bills are lost and not paid on time.  One way to reduce this type of clutter is to sign up for online, paper-less banking.

If I just bring all my mail home, and it all ends up in the same pile or basket, it's nearly as good as forgotten.  It needs to be separated right when it comes in the door.  Ideally, I'll open it and recycle the junk right away.  

As they say, handle it once.

I also don't have good filing follow-up.   (That requires opening a file cabinet, and shuffling through folders.)  

Papers that I am saving, such as statements, need to land in their own zone, with other non-related papers or magazines in their own zone. Since we own a business, receipts need to be collected until they can be logged, lest all those little pieces of paper get lost and forgotten.

Being primarily the butterfly clutterbug type, having pretty containers to catch it all helps.  When things have a home, they will more likely be put in their rightful place all the time ~ especially if it is EASY to do so.  This will enable  your home and work spaces to  remain more organized and clutter-free.  

I'm a big fan of wicker, raton, canvas, and jute.  I way prefer natural materials to plastic, and do my best to find things locally that are not imported, although that is not always an option.  

Here are a few that I love.  See what you think.  Any shopping you do once you click through my links helps me out quite a bit, and is much appreciated!

Organize and declutter to transform your life, and realize your genuine, deeply felt desires.  

Align with your true nature, and flex the muscles of your inner-organizer.  

The way to transform your life is by committing to your list of items to do each morning and evening.  This has been the most empowering part for me.  I have always had a knack for organizing and decluttering certain areas of my home, especially the kitchen.

The key to being able to extend my skills to getting the paper trail under control was recognizing my Butterfly style, and finding tools to match my need to 'see it or lose it' mind set.

Once you get in the habit of doing at least a little cleaning daily, and spend time doing some time to organize and declutter on a regular  basis, you will feel more organized, which builds confidence.  It creates space for greater flow and new things to enter your life.  I guarantee you will spend so much less time looking for lost items as well, especially once you create a landing zone for important items, like your keys, wallet, and important papers.

Bottom line?

Organize and declutter your living and work spaces to become more fruitful in all that you do!

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