Natures Sunshine Quality Supplements

Natures Sunshine has a reputation for doing rigorous testing to ensure the highest possible assimilation and quality of all their supplements, herbs, and essential oils.

I first learned about Nature's Sunshine a couple decades back, and finally recently began to order, and recommend several of their vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal formulas, and other products to clients.


If interested, watch the short videos shown to learn more about Nature's Sunshine standards of quality. (Just ignore the "Natures Sunshine" sing-song in the beginning and end of the videos!)

To order any of the products mentioned below, or search among the Nature's Sunshine inventory, click any of the links, and type in the name of any product you are interested in into their search box.  SHOP/ORDER HERE.

I used to believe that if we consumed a healthy diet, we wouldn't need supplements.  I now view that as short sighted, and potentially irresponsible!  

Many people have various conditions that require extra support, and most Americans have several vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including Vitamin D3, K2, zinc, calcium, magnesium, choline, and many others.  Some people lack adequate hydrochloric acid (HCL) ~ required for digestion of animal protein ~ especially after extended periods of abstention from animal meats.

With increasing levels of stress, electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, depletion of minerals from our soils and food supply, and many other toxins ~ supplementation makes sense to ensure we are achieving a high vitality life.

Don wrote a great article here about why supplementing the diet is essential, and why many store bought supplements are of substandard quality, often not worth your money.

my primary Recommendations for natures sunshine vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and herbs

Considering how many people now avoid dairy foods, and how much misinformation has circulated about the importance of getting adequate calcium ~ by both the vegan and Carnivore crowds, and mainstream outlets ~ it is highly likely that many are deficient in calcium, which performs many important functions with bone health, contraction of the heart muscles, skin health, weight maintenance and much more.  

Magnesium is likewise deficient in the soils and water and hence the majority of the population gets inadequate levels of both of these minerals, which work synergistically together, along with phosphorous, Vitamin K2, and D3.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for energy production and other metabolic functions, including support of the heart, brain and kidneys, smooth muscle contractions, and gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive functions, and maintaining positive moods.

Consumption of dairy foods is the best way to obtain calcium.  Canned salmon or sardines with the bones is another source.  Almonds and dark leafy greens are less optimal sources, in part because they contain oxlate acids which bind up the calcium.  If supplementing, magnesium should be consumed in at least equal amounts to calcium.

*For those who need to supplement calcium (such as those who have an allergy to either of the dairy proteins, or who simply do not like eating any dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, or cottage cheese) then I recommend Natures Sunshine (NS) Calcium Magnesium Synerpro.  

*Magnesium Complex ~ a Nature's Sunshine best seller contains a highly bioavailable form of magnesium from magnesium citrate and magnesium malate, hence a smaller quantity of magnesium per capsule.  This is a preferred source for those with depression, muscle aches, or other conditions but do NOT have constipation, or tend towards too loose stools with too high doses of magnesium.

*Those who DO tend towards dryer stools and/or constipation will do well with Magnesium 250mg ~ a Nature's Sunshine best seller.  Try one with a meal, twice per day.

Taking the right Vitamin E supplement provides several health benefits, including for healthy skin, clearing gut endotoxins, and cardiovascular health.  Most store bought vitamin E supplements are NOT full spectrum and are NOT recommended.  

*Natures Sunshine Vitamin E Complete with Selenium is among the best we've seen available, containing all 8 molecules (4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols) along with selenium for maximum efficiency at protection against environmental and endogenous toxins.

A great digestive enzyme to have around, especially if having issues with gas and bloating is Proactazyzme.  This contains enzymes for digesting proteins, long-chain starches, sugars and fats and combined with digestive herbs including fennel seed, caraway seed, gentian root, ginger root and dandelion root.

 I love having this enzyme around, especially post meals that don't settle right!  It's very easy on the stomach, and can help when feeling bloated or having discomfort due to gas.

Many people ~ especially the elderly or those who have abstained from red meat or all animal protein foods for an extended period ~ are deficient in calcium and magnesium, and/or lack needed enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCL) to appropriately extract and assimilate nutrients from foods.  As we age, we tend to naturally down regulate HCL production.  

Too low stomach acid is a common problem, which impairs protein digestion.  If you have avoided all animal foods, or have been on a low meat diet for any length of time, or if you have any type of digestive disorder, chances are you will greatly benefit from taking  Food Enzymes with meals.

*Natures Sunshine Food Enzymes with HCL is best for those who are not appropriately assimilating food, perhaps experiencing low energy, and who fit the profile mentioned above.

Forest Leaf Advanced Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides is pasture-raised, grass-fed and contains Types 1, 2 & 3 collagen peptides is a premium quality excellent source of essential proteins that promote healthy bone, joint, skin, hair and nails, and more.  It dissolves easily into your coffee or alternative hot beverage.  Forest Leaf is also a very responsive company.  Price shown in the picture is for pack of 2 one pound canisters with 41 servings per ~ an excellent deal!

Forest Leaf Hydraulonic acid is another 'anti-aging beauty serum' ~ excellent for rehydration of skin, joints, and more.

Best Products to support liver / gallbladder & Blood Sugar Balance ~ Natures Sunshine ++

*For those with blood sugar imbalances, I recommend Natures Sunshine Berberine IR™. Diets high in fiber from plant foods like grains, beans, and products made from them increases bacteria in the gut producing endotoxins.

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet is centered around foods that minimizes endotoxin production.  There is a video on the Home Page side bar about Berberine for those interested in learning more.

*Jarrow Artichoke Extract  (not from Natures Sunshine) extract helps the gall bladder secrete bile to metabolize fat.  Taking this can improve digestion and many skin conditions!  We purchase Jarrow shown above ~ an excellent value!  Earthborn Elements (shown above) is excellent quality, made in the USA, plus you can use a liquid tincture.

The liver is a work horse, and is one of the main organs underlying many health conditions in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) including digestive issues, constipation, IBS, menstrual disorders, migraines, and just feeling crappy. 

*Natures Sunshine Milk Thistle Combination contains silymarin, the active component of milk thistle, along with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) which boosts glutathione production in the liver, a powerful antioxidant that maintains healthy liver function and digestion.  Other synergistic ingredients in NS Milk Thistle Combination include Vitamin A (14,000 IU), Vitamin C (480 mg), choline ~ a super important nutrient primarily found in egg yolks and liver, followed by beef ~ inositol, milk thistle seed extract (80% silymarin), NAC, and dandelion root.

*In lieu of the Milk Thistle Combination, Milk Thistle Time Release and Dandelion Root can be taken separately, which may be more beneficial for those who do not need the extra Vitamin A or Vitamin C, and / or who want a higher dose of milk thistle per capsule.  Milk Thistle Time Release contains 350mg  of silybum marianum and 280mg of silymarin per capsule (versus per two capsules in the NS Milk Thistle Combination, above.  

*Dandelion Root contains 920mg per every two capsules (versus 410mg per every two caps in the Combination formula.)

*Digestive Bitters stimulate digestive enzyme juices and bile flow.  These bitters contain cardamom seed, dandelion root, orange peel and gentian root in a red raspberry syrup sweetened with stevia ~ much better than most bitters! 

There are several Western and Chinese herbs which support liver health (such as dandelion) that can be taken in various forms, including made into a tea. Roasted dandelion root makes a great coffee substitute. For therapeutic doses, extracts are more potent.  Custom granulated teas are another option that we offer at our local clinic.  

Supplements for Men & Women

***Vitamin D3 + zinc & adequate Vitamin C in combo have been found to be very beneficial for prevention of, and treatment of the Covid-19 virus!  I highly recommend supplementing with 5-6,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily, and up to 10,000 IU if feeling sick or run down! 

For Vitamin D3, I recommend Sports Research, or NOW brands.  

*Zinc is an important mineral for all people, but men especially ~ not just for prostate health, but many other functions.  Zinc promotes wound healing, build our immune system, supports cognition, and more.  Click here for NS Zinc.

*Many women have low iron, yet most supplements are way too difficult on the digestive system.  The ONLY iron supplement I can confidently recommend ~ that I am aware of ~ is Natures Sunshine Chelated Iron as it is a great blend of plants and herbs that is easy to digest and absorb. That said, I typically don't recommend iron as it can be too constipating.  Please refer to your health care practitioner for proper testing. 

There are a variety of formulas, including Chinese herbal blends that support female balance, including through menopause.  Chinese herbs have a long history of proven effectiveness for treating many conditions, including irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, and menopause.

*Natures Sunshine Female Comfort contains raspberry leaves, dong quad root, ginger rhizome, licorice root, black cohosh root, blessed thistle aerial parts, marshmallow root and queen of the meadow leaves. This formula is a safe blend to take to help ease hot flashes and symptoms of menopause.

Thyroid & Adrenal support

The pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands, along with the liver are part of a biofeedback loop, often referred to as an axis. They work together to help produce and regulate thyroid hormones.  You can have symptoms of low thyroid function, yet show in the 'normal' range on a blood test, indicating that one of the other glands on the axis may be over or underperforming. 

The thyroid produces many hormones. I discuss common symptoms of under or over active thyroid in Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet (available here on Kindle), and will include a few here:

  • Chronically cold hands &/or feet
  • Hair loss in larger than normal amounts
  • Weight gain (or loss if hyperthyroid) that is difficult to correct
  • Sluggish or hyperactive metabolism
  • Low moods, general fatigue, and/or increased irritability and poor sleep

The diet recommendations in Meats & Sweets supports healthy functioning metabolism and thyroid.  Adrenals also get depleted from stressful lifestyles that are not balanced with appropriate self-care: adequate rest, connecting to Nature, grounding, recreation, and play.

Natures Sunshine Ashwaganda is an excellent adaptogen herb with many functions, beneficial for men and women.

NutriWise Ashwagandha is a great alternative to Natures Sunshine Ashwaganda.  It's organic, made in USA.

Natures Sunshine Anxiousless is helpful for taking the edge off of occasional anxiety without causing drowsiness.  This has been very helpful for my mom, who has dementia, and anxiety heightened at night. 

Nature's Sunshine Link Lists By Category 

Nature's Sunshine products are pretty comprehensive.  There are some supplements with combinations I personally would avoid, but the bulk of their inventory is great quality.  I have lists below for easy reference, including for probiotics, herbs and supplements, including some Chinese herb formulas for managing stress and anxiety (which has helped my mom quite a bit), supplements for supporting the endocrine system, blood sugar balance, cardiovascular system and for helping reduce cholesterol.  

Click on the links below for easy reference when ready to order.

Don and I are available for Health Coaching, and consultations to determine which supplements may be best for you. Contact us to learn more.  Read Don's article on Functional Medicine.


All purchases made through these links provides a small commission which supports my ability to spend more time creating quality content to empower people to live healthy, fruitful lives.  If you have questions, please contact me. If going directly to the Nature's Sunshine website, ( please use my referral code: 60784000.

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