Our Meats and Sweets Diet Inspired
by Ray Peat

We consume a meats and sweets diet ~ a super simple and satisfying combination of meats, including milk and other dairy products, and sweets, which primarily features fresh and dried fruits, juice, jello and honey.  

It is an ideal mix of nutrients and flavors which we intuitively began to eat when we first added animal foods back into our diet after a five+ year abstinence.

Since our transition, we experimented with a more low-carbohydrate diet, or higher protein ketogenic / hypercarnivore diet which focuses on obtaining 70% or more of our total calories from animal foods, with plants optional ~ with both positive and negative results. 

Don suggests in The Hypercarnivore Diet  that fruits ~ including botanical fruits often categorized as vegetables such as cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and more ~ are the best choice of plant foods to include in the diet.  They provide an ideal balance of nutrients and flavors with meats, with the least amount of toxins or anti nutrients that can disrupt health.

Once Don began to read articles written by biologist, Ray Peat, we returned to our earlier meats and sweets approach.  In this article, I share the way we eat with some examples of recent meals.  

You can further read our list of foods to enjoy, and list of foods to greatly minimize, or avoid.

Ray Peat discusses at length that fructose ~ especially in the form of orange juice, fruits, and honey ~ and conventional milk are among the most essential foods we can consume to optimize energy and metabolism, improve thyroid functioning, circulation, nerve health, hormones, stress response, and more.

Our meats and sweets way of eating is energizing, enjoyable, and has helped me improve my sleep.  It is also practically the only combination of foods I have eaten that has helped me have regular healthy elimination, after a lifetime of irregularity and on and off constipation.

As always, we coach people to trust their true nature.  Direct experience is the best teacher.  

How We Eat our  Meats and Sweets Approach ~ A Sample of Recent Meals

What follows is just an example of how we have adapted a meats and sweets approach.  

Each person can customize a 'meats and sweets' approach to suit their needs and health goals.  

What a meats and sweets day of meals may look like, based on recent meals during peak summer.

To begin my day:

  • I typically have a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning, followed by coffee that I either drink black, or add 1 Pruvit Keto Sweet Kreme packet.  

  • I sometimes have a pre-breakfast variation of our Carrot Salad.  

  • If I don't start with the carrot salad, I may begin with either a Fruit Salad, such as with grapes, yogurt, honey, and a few squirts of the Pruvit 1:4:3 oil; or cottage cheese with pineapple, raisins and cinnamon, or rehydrated dried plums, honey, & Pruvit oil

  • Eggnog with  eggs, milk, gelatin, and/or 1/2-1 packet flavored Pruvit NAT ketones (Swiss Cacao, Chocolate Mint, or Vanilla Ski when available, or Sweet Keto Kreme) or softly boiled eggs.

Snacks may include:

  • Dried fruit to satisfaction.  I like many of the dried fruits available at Trader Joe's that are sorbet-free, such as their mango, apple, prunes, and cherries.  (NOTE:  If purchasing dried fruit, make sure to avoid those with added plant oils, like sunflower oil.)

  • Carrot Salad if I did not have any earlier

  • 1/2 - 1 whole peeled apple and carrot sticks, or apple and some cheese

  • Cold or warmed milk, on it's own or with tea; possibly a small piece of dark chocolate

  • Pruvit Swiss Cacao with warmed milk

  • Cheesecake!  I found this to be a great pick-me-up while visiting my mom.  We often were out for long hours.  If we stopped at the local Barnes & Noble, cheesecake and steamed 2% milk, or a decaf latte were my go-to choices which held me over until we got home.

Our Second Main Meal may include:

  • Slow roasted roast beef, chicken, or turkey breast;  grilled meats, stir frys, previously prepped meatballs simmered in a light tomato sauce or meatloaf, bone broth, chicken soup made with bone broth, fish, etc.  This may be consumed with a cucumber and/or radish salad, carrot salad, or just a little goat cheese, and possibly followed up with berries or other fruit.

Desserts / Post Second Main Meal:

  • Jello ~ my latest  'addiction' and a great way to supplement gelatin!  I have fallen in love with jello, especially when made with fruit juice and a flavored Pruvit Ketone packet.  It's so easy and so refreshing!

  • Warmed milk and honey before bed, especially if feeling a little hungry.

  • Old fashioned ice cream made with egg yolks, cream, and sugar, free of additives.  (Eggs, milk, sugar...perfect!)


  • I supplement with gelatin, glycine powder which mixes into water or juice, magnesium, vitamins for eye health (Bilberry, Lutein+), and other assorted supplements or herbs as needed, possibly including thyroid glandular as needed.

  • Seaweeds

  • Pruvit ketone drinks

We do our best to eat regionally and seasonally, although this is not always possible.  

During summer months, we enjoy seasonal fruits to satisfaction, adding enough protein and fat to provide our nutritional needs, and as per individual cravings.  

During colder months, we may crave more fats, slow roasted meats, and even a little more sodium, and/or rely more on juices, cranberries, or dried fruits.

Homemade Meatballs w/ Asparagus simmered in a Tomato Broth w/ Fresh Ricotta Cheese
Chicken Breast & Summer Squash Stir-Fried in Coconut Oil + Butter, Seasoned w/ Salt, Pepper, Turmeric & Italian Seasoning

Don experienced nightly cramping waking him up sometimes multiple times in one evening while following a very low-carb, or high-protein ketogenic diet which greatly reduced as soon as we returned to our meats and sweets approach.  Fruits and juices are a great source of potassium, which is not supplied well in low-carb diets.

Fruits and honey satisfies sweets cravings ~ another common complaint among those on low-carbohydrate diets.  We have sweet taste receptors on our tongue, indicating that we have evolved eating sweet tasting foods.  It may be that many people who feel weak-willed are just craving a substance that their body needs to best function.  

According to this article by Ray Peat, fructose could be precisely what is deficient in most people's diets, and recommends consuming roughly the equivalent of 2 quarts of milk, and 1 quart of orange juice daily to get the amount of fructose required to help mitigate stress, and fuel the brain and nervous system, among other benefits best supplied by fructose!

Grape Jello w/ Concord Grape Juice, & Charged Purple Reign grape flavored ketones
Jello with Apple Juice, non-charged Heart Tart flavored ketones and thawed frozen strawberries
Bone Broth
Super gelatinous ~ the ideal bone broth consistency!

We save a lot of money by preparing homemade yogurt and bone broth; and occasionally make  big batches of naturally brined cabbage, and/or beets with red onions, which go great with roasted meats or fish.  

We also make ground eggshells as an alternative to calcium supplements.

Homemade yogurt
Roast beef with fermented red onions & cabbage

Why we favor fruits > greens in our Meats and Sweets Diet 

Fruits are the enticing, sweet, juicy part of the plant that the plant itself seeks to share, although once upon a time, they were higher in protein, smaller, and less sweet.  Still, when animals, insects, or human animals eat fruits, and deposit the seeds, it helps the plant to propagate itself.  It's a symbiotic relationship. 

Contrast this to the bitter flavors of the stalks and leaves.  The plant emits these bitter compounds to repel predators.  

Most people shove the kale and spinach into a blender just to 'get down' what they believe to be an essential component to their diet.  

We have been indoctrinated into believing these foods to be super foods, when in reality, some greens, many nuts, and especially grains, beans, and seeds contain phytates, lectins, oxalate acids, and other compounds that undermine our health.

For a lot of my life, I avoided dairy foods, believing them to be the root of excess phlegm and sinus congestion, allergies, acne, and digestive distress.  Of course, I had major phlegm and sinus issues, and horrible seasonal allergies all made worse while eating an entirely plant-based diet!

When we first began to add animal foods back into our  diet, we immediately  eliminated all the grains and beans, and starchy foods.  I now find that I easily tolerated dairy foods!  

Pruvit Exogenous Ketones - Heaven!

In late 2018, I was turned on to Pruvit Exogenous Ketones which provided an even greater, yet unexpected boost to my moods, focus, clarity, and ability to go longer between meals.  I am far more productive and motivated running on ketones!

The various fun-flavored exogenous ketones, Keto Sweet Kreme, and Keto Salted Caramel Broth now helps me to fill in the gaps.  I carry a packet and a shaker container whenever I am away for long hours, or traveling.  I take 1/2 to 1 packet as needed, just adding cold or hot water, juice, or to mix with coffee.  

While exogenous ketones are not for everybody, I do consider them a good potential complement to our meats and sweets diet.  

I am especially enjoying adding the many fruity flavored ketones to my jello recipes!

Can you say heaven in a mug? Vanilla Ski & Keto Carmel Broth 'Lattes' ~ made by just adding boiling water & a little heavy cream or warmed milk
Eggnog w/ Pruvit Sweet Kreme ~ a perfectly sweetened blend of eggs, milk, and gelatin

Our meats and sweets diet is a super simple, flexible, enjoyable, and nutrient-dense way of eating.

Each person will need to determine their optimal lower and upper limits of each of the macronutrients, which can fluctuate over time, something we help clients achieve during Strong Spirit Health Coaching.

Want to learn more about the benefits of ketones?  

You may like my article on the surprising benefits  I experienced when I tried my first 10-Day Experience Pack, or you may like my Keto Hot Chocolate with Benefits and other hot beverage recipes.

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Deviled eggs are a super healthy snack. I mix the yolks w/ either a little homemade or avocado mayo or sour cream & horseradish + dijon mustard, & top w/ diced red onion & paprika

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