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A High vitality diet

Meats and Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet  is an energizing and satisfying blend of complementary foods that best optimize health, and is available on Amazon in Paperback Kindle, or as a PDF file E-Book.

Meats ~ including eggs, and optional dairy products ~ and sweets, which primarily features fresh and dried fruits, juice, jello, honey, or tree saps ~ provide essential macro- and micro-nutrients that we need in order to thrive. 

Meats & Sweets is inspired in part by biologist, Ray Peat, who wrote in-depth about the functions of fructose on blood sugar metabolism, the impact of stress hormones and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) found in common plant oils on health, gut endotoxins, and many other topics ~ much of which contradicts popular opinion.  

While inspired by Ray Peat, Don draws on his own research ~ some of which he came across after writing The Hypercarnivore Diet (a revised edition is due in 2020) ~ as he explains in Chapter 2, why meats and fruits provide an ideal ratio of important and complementary nutrients that help us maintain optimal health throughout our life spans.

Getting the right nutrients as prioritized in the three tiers of Meats & Sweets can help you:

  • improve circulation and provide an inner warmth 
  • eliminate unhealthful cravings 
  • increase satiety and enjoyment
  • maintain healthy thyroid functioning
  • rev up metabolism and aid healthy, safe weight management
  • balance blood sugar and moods 
  • eliminate problematic foods that destroy gut health
  • mitigate the damaging effects of stress
  • prevent premature aging and cognitive decline

Choline (primarily found in egg yolks, liver, and beef), calcium and phosphorous, found in dairy foods, folate, methionine, glycine, potassium, and more are vitally important nutrients that need to be consumed in the right ratios and quantities to support  mental, physical, and reproductive health as we age ~ as discussed in Meats & Sweets ~  A High Vitality Diet.  

Too much and too little are both potentially problematic!


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Many popular diets fall into what is known as a binary con ~  offering an either this or that option, as if there is no other choice. For example, it's either high or low carb, or fat, or only plant foods or animal foods. I discuss this in 10 Reasons People Fail to Thrive on Any Diet, a FREE e-book you can download once you subscribe.

As Don had already suggested in The Hypercarnivore Diet, fruits ~ including botanical fruits often categorized as vegetables such as cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and more ~ are the best choice of plant foods to include in the diet.  They provide an ideal balance of nutrients and flavors with meats, with the least amount of toxins or antinutrients that can disrupt health. Look for an updated version of The Hypercarnivore Diet in 2020.

Although we initially experienced improvements to our health during the early stages of several dietary styles ~ whether Paleo, produce-rich plant-based, high-raw, or very low-carb, high-protein and ketogenic ~ the 'failure to thrive' feelings kicked in causing us to make changes.

We ~ along with several others ~ are finding our sweet spot with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and  micronutrients by following the recommendations in Meats & Sweets!

A few meats & sweets featured recipes

Meatballs in broth with cabbage
Softly Boiled Eggs
Orange Mango Coconut Jello

According to Ray Peat, orange juice, fruits, and honey ~ and conventional milk ~ are among the most essential foods we can consume to optimize energy and metabolism, improve thyroid functioning, circulation, nerve health, hormones, stress response, and more.

He also recommends having orange juice, and a raw carrot, or Carrot Salad each day to help clear endotoxins from the gut.  

Collagen and glycine are other important nutrients featured in Meats & Sweets, easily obtained by incorporating bone broths, and/or regular consumption of gelatin added to beverages, and our simple and delicious jello recipes!

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What makes Meats & Sweets especially great is how adaptable it is to suit your tastes and needs. We encourage finding your own personal sweet spot!

Foods are prioritized according to three tiers. 

Tier 1 foods being those which are most vital to health, for which we recommend building the bulk of your diet. 

Tier 2 foods are either less nutritionally superior, or foods that complement Tier 1 foods yet are consumed in smaller quantities.

Tier 3 foods are the least nutritionally adequate, including some foods that we recommend avoiding as much as possible, such as hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated plant oils.

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet contains super simple recipes and cooking methods that can be easily adapted to your needs.

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Learn WHY Meats & Sweets are Nature's most complementary foods ~ consumed throughout history ~ that can help us to best thrive!

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Crustless Cheesecake with Cherry Glaze Recipe in Meats & Sweets
Grab a spoon! Even good quality ice cream, free of gums & fillers can be included in your Meats & Sweets diet!
Homemade yogurt
Super gelatinous ~ the ideal bone broth consistency!

Why we don't push the green 'super foods'

Fruits are the enticing, sweet, juicy part of the plant that the plant itself seeks to share!  When animals, insects, or human animals eat fruits, and deposit the seeds, it helps the plant to propagate itself.  It's a symbiotic relationship. 

Contrast this to the bitter flavors of the stalks and leaves.  The plant emits these bitter compounds to repel predators.  

Most people shove kale and spinach into a blender just to 'get down' what they believe to be an essential component to their diet. Yet if we stop to consider this, kale and broccoli are hybridized vegetables that once never even existed. Neither did blenders! Are we really hinging our health of foods that were only consumed in such quantities in very modern times?  It doesn't make any sense!

No animal forces itself to choke down bitter foods. We have taste receptors to help us avoid toxic foods that have a bitter or acrid taste for a reason!

We have been indoctrinated into believing these foods to be super foods, when in reality, some greens, many nuts, and especially grains, beans, and seeds contain phytates, lectins, oxalate acids, and other compounds that undermine our health.

Pruvit Exogenous Sweet Kreme, Broth &
Jello Enhancers!

In late 2018, I was turned on to Pruvit Exogenous Ketones which provided an even greater, yet unexpected boost to my moods, focus, clarity, and ability to go longer between meals.  At the time, I was consuming a very low-carbohydrate diet, high-fat diet, and did not expect to notice a difference!

Now that I eat Meats and Sweets, I feel great, and now understand why the ketones had such a notable, positive impact ~ my brain was starved for sugar!

I now use the fruity ketone flavors, like Heart Tart, Maui Punch, Orange Swirl, or Splash to enhance our Jello Recipes!  They are optional, yet an amazing flavor boost!

I also really enjoy the Salted Caramel Keto Bone Broth in the evening before bed to improve sleep, Keto Sweet Kreme (which also contains collagen) added to coffee, or Eggnog, and the 1:4:3 MCT, Coconut Oil, and PS blend, which boosts brain function and remains liquid due to the MCT + Coconut oil blend in the right ratio ~ making it easier to add to recipes without solidifying like coconut oil alone.

The ketones are anti-inflammatory, improve post exercise recovery, increase the telomeres at the end of DNA strands which can enhance longevity, and other proven health benefits. 

Several flavors that are great added to the jello recipes in Meats & Sweets
Eggnog w/ Pruvit Sweet Kreme ~ a perfectly sweetened blend of eggs, milk, and gelatin

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