Live-Fruitfully Store and Specialty Merchandise

Live-Fruitfully Store featuring Live Fruitfully and Strong Spirit specialty merchandise. 15 oz.

Ceramic Mugs are great for your morning coffee or favorite beverage. Brighten you day drinking from a mug with the cheerful, colorful Live-Fruitfully design.

Choose among several awesome Christian themed mugs, tee's, journals and posters with beautiful nature images containing scriptural versus that inspire faith over fear, peace that surpasses all understanding, strength and courage, cultivation of the fruit of the Spirit, and devotion to God, Christ and living as a true Christian Warrior.

Choose your t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie to add the Live-Fruitfully design. American Apparel, made in the USA brands are prioritized to support locally made products.

Live Fruitfully Store - Christian Warrior Collection of T's, Mugs, Posters & Journals

More Christian Themed Merch can be found here, including crosses, more journals and other great gift items.

Live-Fruitfully Store ~ Clothes that inspire!


Be the change you want to see in the world!  These Live Fruitfully designs feature appropriately chosen  inspired scriptural verses that perfectly match the Live Fruitfully theme.

Living fruitfully encourages a spirit of generosity and sharing of our greatest gifts, time, and/or resources in meaningful ways ~ also called 'the give-way' of life!

Let's start a movement by sharing the Live Fruitfully messages on quality cotton tees!

"Thus, every healthy tree bears good fruit, and every diseased tree bears bad fruit." ~Matthew 7:17

"Walk as children of light: for the fruit of the light is in all purity and righteousness, and truth." ~Ephesians 5:8-9

Live-Fruitfully Store Must Haves!

Living fruitfully begins at home! Every meal you make saves you money, and helps you be in control of the quality of food you consume. Restaurants cook with unhealthy plant oils, which are hormone disrupters, and true health saboteurs. 

Grab a Live-Fruitfully ~ Cook at Home! Apron and prepare a delicious meal of Meats & Sweets! These cheery aprons will inspire you to prepare our super simple recipes, helping you experience greater vitality and health!

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