Get A Lean Strong Waist With the Right Diet & Strength Training Plan

That’s a snapshot of Don's lean strong waist on November 30, 2016 at 55 years of age.  It measured about 31.5 inches in circumference.  At that time I was consuming a carbohydrate-rich, macrobiotic ~ defying the belief that 'carbs make you fat.'  

Since then, I have been super low-carb/Keto-Carnivore ~ eliminating many plant foods as an experiment ~ ultimately settling on our Meats & Sweets High Vitality Diet ~ and have been maintaining my lean waist, while continuing resistance training to make it progressively stronger.  I can help YOU do the same!


To keep my waist lean I eat a lower fat, meat and fruit centered diet, consisting of lean meats, eggs, dairy foods and fruits ~ including summer and winter squash ~ along with smaller amounts of sprouted grains, sweet potatoes, and vegetables.  

At the time of that photo I hadn’t eaten any animal flesh, milk or eggs for 5 years ~ however Tracy and I found that diet to be unsustainable long-term.  

We now highly recommend our meat and fruit ~ Meats & Sweets ~ as a safe, healthy, enjoyable, and nutrient-dense dietary plan that can help you maintain your ideal body weight and mental and physical health through the decades.

No matter what type of foods you choose to eat, I highly recommend you track your caloric intake to avoid inadvertently over consume calories.  Yes, it really does matter!  To lose body fat, you need to eat less total calories then you burn.

Click here to read my article, The Best Fat loss Diet, and evidence-based recommendations.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting and Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet are both available on Amazon.

Second, for some people, extending their overnight fast to 12-16 hours, and eating all meals within a 10 hour (or less) feeding window may be helpful.  This could be two main meals and one lighter meal.

Others may benefit by simply changing up meal timing.

In my book Intermittent Fasting I discuss research that suggests that if you want to get a really lean strong waist, it is best to eat a most of your food early in the day, as food eaten late in the day triggers lipid storage mechanisms favoring body fat gain, insulin resistance, and elevated blood lipids.  

This same research indicates that most people feel less hunger and more satiety when they eat more of their food in the early part of the day rather than in the evening.  


Diet is the key to getting a lean waist.  Resistance training is the key to getting a strong waist.  You should train the waist musculature with progressive resistance.  You can train the waist fully with 2-4 exercises.  For full training of your waist your routine needs to include each of these movements once or twice weekly:

  •  Waist flexion for the rectus abdominus
  •  Waist extension for the erector spinae
  •  Waist rotation for the obliques

Here's an example of how I have fit the waist-strengthening exercises (in bold) into my full-body routines. 

Day 1

  1.  Handstand holds
  2.  Hollow body holds (rectus abdominis)
  3.  Shoulder bridge (erector spinae)
  4.  Weighted Cossack squats
  5.  Weighted supinated chin-ups 
  6.  Dips in L-sit  (rectus abdominis)
  7.  Ring rows
  8.  Windshield wipers (rectus abdominis and obliques)
  9.  "Jefferson curl" deadlift  (erector spinae)

Day 2

  1.  Feet-supported crane pose
  2.  Straddle V-ups (rectus abdominis)
  3.  Shoulder bridge (erector spinae)
  4.  Weighted Cossack squats
  5.  Chin-ups in L-sit (rectus abdominis)
  6.  Weighted dips 
  7.  Ring rows
  8.  Twisting back extension (erector spinae and obliques)
  9.  "Jefferson curl" deadlift  (erector spinae)

In these routines, the Jefferson curl deadlift is done with a very light weight for improving mobility and flexibility.

I do only one set per exercise, training to fatigue or close to it.   Day 1 involves 3 direct sets for the rectus abdominis, 2 direct sets for the erector spinae, and 1 direct set for the obliques.  Bear in mind that the obliques are also trained indirectly in all movements for the rectus abdominis.  Day 2 involves 3 direct sets for the erector spinae, 2 for the rectus abdominis, and 1 for the obliques. 

Here's a video discussing and demonstrating some of the exercises mentioned above:

If you have any questions regarding fitness, and how to get a lean strong waist, please let us know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading and have a great life!

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