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The LF Kitchen Shop features my top cookware recommendations and a few specialty food items.  I personally am a minimalist, and don't like to acquire a lot of extra gadgets that need to be plugged in, and take up counter space.  A few choice items that are good quality will last you for decades, and can make cooking more enjoyable.  Generally speaking ~ for me at least ~ the simpler the better!

I also made available a few food items that are either more difficult to find, more affordable to order online, or that I just really love and highly recommend.

All qualifying sales made through the provided LF Kitchen Shop links, (or through searches once following any of the provided links) provides a small commission to me which is greatly appreciated.  There is no extra cost to you.  I provide the links for convenience, to represent items I enjoy, and at a quality and price that is as reasonable as possible.  Whenever possible, I choose made in the USA, and I carefully review the reviews to ensure I am recommending the best options for YOU to help you live fruitfully!  Thank you in advance!  Enjoy!

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A Live Fruitfully (LF) Kitchen Shop long-time, well-used staple 'investment' has been our well worn Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens (and other cast iron pots and skillets) are a worthwhile investment ~ We've had ours for decades!

Great for pot roasts, stews, & tender bone-in chicken roasted with tomatoes, vegetables and/or sauerkraut  ~ Well cared for cast iron and enameled cast iron will last through the generations to come!

Speaking of low-tech simplicity, a vertical chicken roaster makes a perfect roasted chicken every time!  

The stainless vertical chicken roaster requires minimal investment, minimal space, and are easy to clean.  Perfect for fruitful living ~ and roasting!  This truly is a worthy LF Kitchen Shop favorite!  (However, I did inherit mine from my mom!)

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LF Kitchen Shop Specialty Food Items

Umeboshi plum is a pickled plum that comes as a paste, plum or vinegar.  It has a salty sour flavor, and is used in macrobiotic cooking and healing remedies.  It is excellent for the liver.  A little added to roasted twig tea with a few drops of the tamari, fresh grated and squeezed ginger root, and a little kudzu all dissolved together in hot water makes an excellent healing beverage to drink when feeling run down, chilled, or have a general feeling of malaise.  

The umeboshi plum paste is excellent on brown rice, or in the center of brown rice balls (recipe on the Live Fruitfully Whole Grains Recipe Book available by March, 2021 or sooner!)

Seaweeds are full of minerals.  Dulse is one of our favorites.  It has a slightly salty and rich flavor that can be added to any dishes ~ Meatloaf, sautéed greens, soups, oatmeal, or whatever.  Cut into small pieces and add at the end of cooking, or lightly roast first on a low heat for a couple minutes, being careful not to scorch and burn it.  

Kelp or kombu is used to help tenderize foods.  We add a 4-6 inch piece to our bone broth recipes.  During our macrobiotic cooking days, we added a strip to every pot of beans cooked to help tenderize the beans and improve digestibility.  

Season eggs, salads, soups and other dishes with ground seaweed blends to boost mineral intake.

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