Top Healthy Living Tips

Healthy living is a holistic approach to creating lifestyles that best nurture your ability to live a high vitality life.  I liken it to being a good steward ~ of your body, mind, and your living environments.  

Just as your physical body is the vehicle for your spirit to express itself, your home is your vehicle for your body to rest, rejuvenate, and recuperate from your daily life.  When you create a home sanctuary, that is welcoming, and efficiently organized, it will be easier to maintain greater harmony and peace of mind.

A healthy physical body and organized and pleasant home environment will help you feel more motivated and more inspired to realize your dreams, and live a satisfyingly fruitful life!

In this article, I suggest my top tips for fruitful healthy living, which includes taking care of both your physical and mental/emotional health, and maintaining harmonious living spaces.

My top tips for healthy living

  • Enjoy simple, nutrient-dense meals of meats & sweets ~ You will want to avoid these foods, and enjoy these.

  • Get fit!  Physical health includes cultivating strong muscles and bones, which is most effectively achieved through strength training. (Don outlines a basic routine, here). Physical health also includes having awareness of body mechanics, posture, mobility, coordination and alignment, as repeated in the next tip.

  • Be mindful of your posture and alignment!  Get a standing desk to avoid long hours sitting.  Your body will function much better, and avoid many problems by just following this, and the previous step!

  • Learn to breathe through your nose!  Keep the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth, while using the muscles of the tongue to press it up against the palate along the roof of the mouth.  This is an extremely important habit to cultivate!  Here is a good video by Drew Fit, based on the work of Dr. Mike Mew of, discussing why breathing through your nose is important for maintaining healthy structure of the facial bones, and so much more!  

  • Healthy living includes cultivating a more positive mindset.  Affirmations can be repeated like a simple mantra as a tool for breaking habitual negative thinking patterns.  Turn your perceived shortcomings or 'flaws' into positive affirmations.  Learn how to state affirmations in a way that feels motivating, and doesn't cause the inner doubt-er to get flared up, saying things like, "Yeah, right."

  • Healthy living also involves becoming conscious  your automatic, reactive emotional triggers.  For help with the latter, you may want to read about the Holistic CORE Counseling system.

  • Use non-toxic body care  and home cleaning products.  

  • Maintain a (relatively) clean and organized home

  • Spend time Connecting with Nature. Nature is the ultimate healing balm. Regular grounding is essential for maintaining a sense of balance and wellbeing. Early morning is a great time to get the safe and healing sun's rays while walking or sitting with your bare feet on the Earth for the grounding benefits.

  • Maintain healthy connections ~ with supportive friends, relationships, and other kindred spirits of your extended family and tribe of origin, &/or a spiritual community.  People who remain connected to their immediate and extended families, and ancestral heritage have a built-in support system, and tend to experience greater confidence, and personal fulfillment.  Cultural narratives have attempted to break up families.  Resist this push, as it does not bode well for maintaining a healthy populous, as is being witnessed all around us. That said, sometimes our families are too dysfunctional, and severing contact may be needed. Find a supportive group of allies who you trust.

  • Balance work with recreation, personal and down time with social, and productive busy time.  

  • Maintain healthy boundaries.  "NO" should mean "NO!"

  • Be true to your word!  It is very important to keep to your commitments, especially to yourself.  Avoid making commitments you don't think you can keep!  An excellent book to read on this topic is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

  • Practice having  gratitude (and contentment) for all you are and all you have ~ versus discontent for what you do not have. It's okay to recognize that you desire something more or different, but accept where you are at too.

  • Brighten up your home space!  Bring home fresh flowers, or add uplifting essential oils to cleaning products. Decorate with splashes of color. Play nice music, or add color. Any step taken to brighten and uplift your mood is always fruitful!

I am sure most of these tips are obvious, but hey, we all need reminders, don't we?

Some links are for an Amazon search to show the variety of products now available for your information.  Any purchases made do provide a nominal commission, and is greatly appreciated.  Every little bit helps!

More suggestions for healthy living practices to help you live a fruitful, high vitality life

  • Get adequate sun exposure for your skin tone for absorption of some of the Vitamin D complex.  Most people need between 15-30 minutes of exposure (as much of your body exposed as able) during the early or late peak sun hours.

  • Gazing towards the sun during the early sunrise, or sunset, has been found to help balance hormones, and improve sleep.  Get your early sun and grounding by walking barefoot at the same time. 

  • Take time to journal or meditate, especially if you have a lot of over-thinking, or personal challenges.  Writing in a stream of consciousness format every morning as Julie Cameron, author of The Artists Way suggests can help clear your mind of ongoing obsessive thinking habits. Always be sure to ask for only the highest source of light, love, protection, wisdom and truth to guide you. You don't want to mess around, and leave yourself open to inappropriate and non-beneficial energies!

  • Budget time for activities you enjoy, as often as your schedule allows!  Little steps taken frequently towards increasing your joy factor always increases your vitality, and that leads to a more fruitful life!

  • Share your gifts in your Right Livelihood, or a working environment that best supports your values and needs for self-expression.

  • Live within your means!  Cultivate good habits around simplifying spending, saving money, and managing finances.

High Vitality, Healthy Living is a Whole Life Approach

While eating the right foods is essential for healthy living, it takes ongoing practice to cultivate positive thinking habits, just as it takes practice to learn to play the flute, or master anything in life we desire to become more proficient at.

Mindfulness involves learning how to keep the lower ego in check, and being able to respond in the moment to situations that arise, without getting triggered and acting out emotionally, from a regressed state.  In other words, the adult you maintains the keys to the car!

Unhealed wounds can be resolved with the right therapy and support.  It helps to learn how to reframe earlier experiences perceived as negative in a more positive light.  As long as you continue to be haunted by past events, they remain like shackles around your ankle.  As Dr. Hart, one of my teachers, and creator of the Holistic CORE Counseling system always repeated, You can only evolve as much as your least evolved parts!  

For greater freedom from emotional triggers, and to more consciously create your most ideal life, you may be interested in reading The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan ~ Your MAP to Consciously & Effectively Creating Your Most Illuminated Life, available in paperback on Amazon.

When you are living healthy, it is reflected in the outcomes in your life. Healthy habits ~ including a positive mindset ~ will lead you to a high vitality, fruitful life!

The time and effort you spend taking care of yourself and your living space will reward you, ten-fold with greater confidence, satisfaction, productivity, and a sense of accomplishment. 

Taking time to exercise, ground, and tune within are all important aspects of high vitality, healthy living!

The degree of dedication and commitment you put in to healthy living will be reflected in the rewards you receive of:

  • greater clarity
  • greater vitality
  • greater confidence
  • greater peace of mind
  • increased flow & abundance
  • a healthier, more meaningful and thriving life

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