Grounding For Better Health

Grounding is the quintessentially important missing link to improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.  

Connecting to Nature is a spiritual imperative as well.  

We are part of Nature, and experience better mental and physical wellbeing  when we lived in more continual and direct contact with the Earth. 

The Earth is a storehouse of electrons, which have a negative charge.  When we make contact with the Earth, soil, or wet sand at a beach  with our bare feet or skin ~ a process called 'grounding' ~  we get replenished with the Earth's  feel-good (negative) electrons.  It's similar to how good, or 'charged up' many notice feeling after a good rainstorm.

Artificial lighting, and any electronic device carries a (positive) charge.  Positive in this sense refers to the electrical frequency.  Having a positive charge actually is not a positive, as it can lead to increased inflammation, and diminished health.

Modern humans have become increasingly disconnected from Nature.  Even when we are outdoors, we are wearing shoes that contain rubber or plastic that insulates us from connecting with the healing energy of the Earth.  

While being in natural settings, as I discussed here, still has healing benefits, why not kick your shoes off, and get the full monty?

Grounding has been shown to reduce stress and inflammation.  Stress and inflammation are at the root of many health issues, including pain conditions.

In March, 2017, Don and I made a point to catch the earliest rays of the rising sun every morning.   We both enjoyed an increased feeling of well-being, balance, and better sleep as a result.

Don cites some scientific studies on the health benefits of grounding at  

So how can grounding help you?

Taking time out to get outside, especially during warmer months when you can go barefoot can help improve physical health in subtle ways.  It is a great way to decompress, let go of excess worry or thoughts or the stress of the day, and recharge by making contact with the earth.  

Take a moment to let all thoughts go, connect with God, and be in gratitude for all the blessings in your life.  Practicing this regularly could change your life, and help you see things from a brighter, more optimistic, hopeful and loving perspective.

A few benefits you may experience from grounding include:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Less focus on or experience of pain and stiffness in the body
  • Reduced headaches if experiencing them frequently
  • Improved mood
  • Better outlook
  • Easier to relax
  • Easier to let go of discordant thoughts or frustration
  • Greater sense of ease and peace

As a therapist working with clients that have old unresolved traumas, I know that many people are not very grounded at all.  Some are in a near constant state of fight, flight or freeze, without being very aware of it other than feeling a high level of anxiety.  This anxiety creates a lot of cortisol in the system, a stress-induced hormone that can increase weight gain, and cause other health problems.

Fight or flight creates a cascade of events through the body.  One thing effected is a shutting down of our higher brain center.  Who needs higher reasoning when in an emergency?  Emergencies require quick responsive actions, not higher thinking.  

Over time, we can really begin to change our mental capacity if we do not get help to better manage anxiety and stress. 

Don uses the patch cord mentioned above at our clinic.    Clients have been very impressed with how easily they rest or even nap during the acupuncture session while plugged in with the grounding cord.

Grounding is very alkalizing to the system.  We need to be fully embodied to be able to function and think clearly.  

When I work with clients, I always help them to at least have a mental experience of grounding through guided healing visualizations.  

Being grounded allows our nervous system to calm down.  If we can put our faith and trust in Logos, the Divine Order of the Universe, or God and  the Earth to support us, and provide all we need, we find greater peace, and inner strength.

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