Spiritual & Emotional healing Books We Recommend

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Books we recommend to help overcome negative mental thought habits, including worry, over thinking, negative self-talk, anxious thinking, and more.

There are endless books on these topics.  Many of these listed have been very helpful for both myself and clients.

For Bibles, journals & historical books about the tribes of the House of Israel, click here.  For Spiritual Coaching services, click here.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Books 

When fully read and understood,  the best spiritual and emotional healing book ever published is the Bible!

At the top of our list is our favorite, albeit lesser known Bible written by Ferrar Fenton who spent half a century learning Greek & Hebrew to interpret the Bible with the upmost integrity.  We absolutely LOVE his translation! 


More spiritual & Emotional Healing Books we recommend To Better understand your mind & natural tendencies

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is an easy to read book I often recommend to clients. It is a book you will want to read more than once.  I find it very helpful to learn about how we inherit many beliefs about ourselves and our world since our earliest days. Ruiz challenges us with four agreements to make with yourself, two of which I always keep in my mind:

  • Your word is LAW
  • Don't take things too personally

Below are several other books by Don Miguel Ruiz which you may also be interested in, however, do read The Four Agreements!  Buy at least two!  You will want to give a copy to loved ones and friends!

Books we recommend that may help introverts, & highly sensitive persons (HSPs)

A few more interesting books for discovering your strengths and God's Divine Plan for your life

Be sure to bookmark this page, as I will add more books as they come to me.  The books we recommend on this page cover a range of topics, and are just suggestions for those interested.

I like to paraphrase Bruce Lee: Take what is good (or useful for you), leave the rest, and make it your own.  Reading a variety of topics, including perspectives you may not have considered can be a valuable and rewarding experience.  

The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan is a compilation of tools I've used to help myself and many clients overcome the various unhealed emotional wounds, or 'parts' that can cause us to get triggered, and react rather than respond to external stimuli.  It's a MAP that can help you get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you'd prefer to B ~ sidestepping obstacles and self-sabotage.  Available in paperback and in Kindle formats on Amazon.  (see link below, or read more, here.)

Look for my upcoming follow-up book, The Golden Compass, 2021.

I hope you find these recommendations useful.  All purchases made through the links are greatly appreciated.  Once you have linked through via any book, any purchase made will qualify. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through the books we recommend!

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