Christian Crosses and Gifts Including Wooden Wall Plaques, Mugs & More

I love these Christian Crosses and gifts, and I hope you will too!  Great for home, your office, or as gifts to loved ones who share in your devotion to God and Christ.

Christian Crosses and Gifts 

I greatly appreciate quality workmanship, and love when I can support local artisans and businesses crafting products in the USA, such as the Christian Cross shown below, and many others shown throughout.

Be Still And Know Wall Plaques Featuring Works ~
Made In the USA ~ By P. Graham Dunn In Dayton, OH 

The Fruit of the Spirit Decorative Wood Wall Plagues & More Christian Crosses and Gifts

Choose any of the carefully selected Christian Crosses and Gifts ~ for yourself, family, co-worker or as a house warming, birthday or Christmas gift and enjoy in good faith!  

All items selected have a high percentage of positive reviews, are items I either have or would love to have, and as much as possible, are made in the USA.  Look for t-shirts and more to come!

Christian Inspired Ceramic & To Go mugs & More Wall Hangings

Daily reminders are always helpful! The one pictured to the right is well liked, many great reviews!

I hope you find these recommendations useful.  All purchases made through the links are greatly appreciated.  Once you have linked through via any book, any purchase made will qualify. 

Be sure to check out this Beautiful Christian Warrior Collection of Mugs, Posters, Journals & Men's & Women's Tees

For Bibles, journals, and historical books about the migrations of the 'lost' tribes of the House of Israel, click here.

For Spiritual & Emotional Healing Books, click here.

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