Best Bibles And Historical Books About The Tribes of Israel

Our favorite Bibles and historical books tracing the history and migrations of the 12+ tribes of the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  We find reading these books quite fascinating, and believe more people would benefit from reading them.  

While controversial, Bibles and historical books document the genealogy of a particular race of people.  Several of the historical books trace the migration and history of the so-called lost tribes of the House of Israel ~ including why they were 'lost' and where they are now.  These fascinating accounts provide a mix of archeological, biblical and historical references.  You may discover more about your own ancestry that you never imagined!  

Every race and culture deserves to know about their true heritage.  

When the Bible and these historical books are fully understood, I believe it can helps us feel more connected to the grand purpose of of life!  

Not every detail of each book may be 100% proven, nor accurate.  Read with an open mind and heart.  Pray for the truth and the Truth will set you free!

Bibles and Historical Books

At the top of our list is our favorite, albeit lesser known Bible written by Ferrar Fenton who spent half a century learning Greek & Hebrew to interpret the Bible with the upmost integrity.  We absolutely LOVE his translation!

The Way is now a collectors item.  But don't let the price stop you!  Just click on the link, and read the reviews.  Be sure to check out all the other copies available, some as low as $7.00 at the time of this writing.

An endearing, easy to read, beloved version of the Bible that reviewers claim reads like a story, and is ideal for teens ~ the age I was when first exposed to it, although I never read it.  Despite being offered a copy as a gift when young, I was not ready to receive it, or the message within.

I decided all these decades later to  finally order a copy for myself.  So far, It appears to reflect a more humanistic ideology, which is not in accord with the true teachings, however, it is worth reading as a secondary source for it's tone and easy to understand language.

Digest Of The Divine Law by Howard B. Rand, LL.B. , Member of the Massachusetts and Maine Bars, first published in 1943 explains:

  • Organization & Scope of Government & Qualifications for Office-holding
  • Government Revenue, Interest, Taxes & Lending
  • Legislative Enactments
  • Ownership of Natural Resources, Private Ownership & Property Rights
  • Sanitation & Prohibited Foods
  • Theft, Imprisonment, Military Training, Punishments and MORE

All as per God's divine laws, statues and judgements as outlined in the first 5 books of the Old Testament.


 Journals & Daily Devotionals

The New Testament Only ~ I enjoy having both 

The NT copy is spiral bind perfect for taking notes

ESV large print ~ we have a few copies from different years

Classic & timeless & widely read

A good free app for your phone

Several journals for taking notes & remaining inspired

A great daily devotional written in 1st person giving the feel of Jesus talking directly to you which I enjoy as do many others

A few more historical books we recommend 

and for those interested...there are amazing parallels between The teachings of Jesus and those found in the upanishads ~ Just as according to linguists, there are many common features of ancient hebrew & Celtic / Gaelic & Sanskrit Languages
(More can be read here, and here.)

I hope you find these recommendations useful.  All purchases made through the links are greatly appreciated.  Once you have linked through via any book, any purchase made will qualify. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through the books we recommend!