Best Foods to Eat For Better Vitality And health

The best foods to eat are simple, fresh animal and plant foods ~ as locally raised and grown as able to purchase.  A variety of natural foods can help you maintain a healthy mind and body as you age.

In Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet, I outlined Three Tiers of Foods to help readers make more informed choices to their daily meals.  The Three Tiers prioritize foods according to those that should be the primary staple foods, complementary and supplementary foods, and foods to avoid, or keep to a minimum.

In this article, I simply outline the best foods to eat regularly, and foods that should be consumed less frequently or in smaller quantities.   The best foods to eat should be enjoyable, while helping you achieve your health goals, including weight loss, and minimize risk for premature aging, degeneration and disease.

The Best Foods to Eat includes:  

Meats ~ including a variety of land and sea animal flesh foods, eggs, milk and other dairy products ~ and sweets ~ primarily fresh and dried fruits, fruits that many consider vegetables (see outline below), juices, honey, and tree saps ~  vegetables and other whole plant foods provide an ideal mix of nutrients and flavors geared towards optimizing energy, metabolism, nerve functioning, hormone balance, and the health of the thyroid, gut, and more.

Our Meats & Sweets Diet is a natural foods diet that focuses on simple, wholesome foods that are nutrient-dense, and best support human health ~ hence the best foods to eat are basic, wholesome, natural animal and plant foods!

Our primary passion for promoting a high vitality diet is to inspire a higher quality, higher functioning life ~ physically and mentally. 

Enjoying an abundance of natural foods will best support your body's natural immunity, while contrarily,  pharmaceuticals ultimately counter the body's intrinsic power to heal itself.

When you give your body the best foods to eat ~ you'll be supplying yourself with the best possible raw materials for helping your body and mind thrive.

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet
Best Foods to Eat

Below is our list of best foods to eat as part of our Meats & Sweets High Vitality Diet plan.  

Choose those foods which will be most suitable and enjoyable according to your location and needs.  

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet, is NOW available on Kindle.  

Best foods to eat regularly, in personally appropriate quantities: 

  • Meats ~ a variety of primarily leaner animal proteins as per cravings, budget and availability, with fattier cuts consumed more in the colder seasons; and more gelatinous-rich cuts for stews or bone broths (tails, toes, feet, etc.) ~ including wild game, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, goat, etc.
  • Eggs
  • Fresh and salt water fish that have fins and scales, such as salmon (wild, keta, pink, canned, etc.), perch, pollack, cod, halibut, flounder, tuna, etc.
  • Dairy: Milk, yogurt
  • Fresh & dried fruits including:  Fruit Salads, baked & stewed fruits, apple raisin & apple cranberry sauces, Dried Fruit Truffles & other natural and healthy sweet treats
  • Botanical fruits many consider vegetables includes tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, summer and winter squashes (zucchini, pattypan, yellow squash, and the 'hard' squashes like acorn, butternut, buttercup, kabocha (our favorite), delicata, and spaghetti (Click here for refreshing Salads & Vinaigrette Recipes
  • Juices: Orange juice, Concord grape juice+
  • Carrot salads (excellent for removing toxins and excess estrogen/fat)
  • Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other tubers 
  • Vegetables: a variety of vegetables and leafy greens
  • Grains: 100% sprouted grain breads, ideally low-sodium (Low-Sodium Ezekiel Bread is a good choice), traditional sourdough bread, 100% rye breads, whole cooked grains ~ ideally pre-soaked or pre-sprouted (see my upcoming Whole Grains Cookbook for more)

These are the best foods to eat in smaller quantities to complement the primary staple foods:

Milk + Fruit + Honey ~ Staples on our Meats & Sweets Approach

Of all the best foods to eat following our Meats & Sweets approach, a few stand out that many other diet coaches recommend avoiding:

  • Carrot Salads - some now believe carrots contain too much sugar, however, as I discuss in Meats & Sweets, there are always multiple perspectives.  I share some uses for carrots according to The Cherokee Herbal, and Chinese medicine, including for low blood sugar, and soothing digestion.
  • Juice - Orange Juice or Concord Grape Juice ~ Studies show increase memory, cognitive function, antioxidant status, immune system function, anti-inflammatory, and reduced blood lipids and blood pressure when adding regular consumption of these juices to the daily diet.  
  • Jello - Many benefits to regular consumption of gelatin ~ resources below
  • Dairy Products - Calcium is essential, and far better to obtain from food!  Read all the benefits to this highly underrated mineral in Meats & Sweets!
  • Eggs - Learn why choline is so essential for health in Meats & Sweets
  • Honey - A little honey adds sweetness, and is anti-inflammatory ~ I healed my months long issue with trigger thumb and an inflamed tendon that lingered for months while eating a very low-carb diet within 1-2 weeks after adding fruits and honey into my diet! 

Carrot Salad made by shaving the carrots with the peeler.

Read about all the above and more in Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet here, or buy your copy on Kindle (only $5.50!), paperback, or PDF.

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From L-R Berries & Yogurt; Coconut-Herbed, Pan-Fried Chicken Breasts; Deviled Eggs, Orange Mango Coconut Jello (Recipes in Meats & Sweets, 1st Edition.)

Best Foods to Eat to Optimize Energy & Metabolism

Fruits, including winter squashes, and honey satisfies sweets cravings ~ another common complaint among those on low-carbohydrate diets.  

We have sweet taste receptors on our tongue, indicating that we have evolved eating sweet tasting foods.  

It may be that many people who feel weak-willed are just craving a substance that their body needs to best function.  

Orange Mango Coconut Jello
Strawberry Apple Splash Jello

Meats & Sweets ~ A High Vitality Diet is a super simple, flexible, enjoyable,  sustainable, and nutrient-dense way of eating.

Each person will need to determine their optimal lower and upper limits of each of the macronutrients, which can fluctuate over time, something we help clients achieve during one on one Health Coaching.

More Resources / Suggested Products

Below are products I use or have chosen because of being a local product of higher quality.  These are not mandatory 'foods to enjoy' however for those who enjoy baking, I personally use the King Arthur and One Degree Organic Sprouted flours.  

I also have recently been taking 1-2 tsp. per day of Flora High Lignan Flax Oil for Omega 3 fatty acids, which I find beneficial despite current claims to the contrary.

The other nut oils, including the Nutiva Liquid Coconut Oil are delicious additions to dressings or sauces, or when baking.  When purchasing extra virgin olive oil, look for those from a single source, as opposed to multiple countries of origin.

All purchases made through the links provide a small commission to me at no extra charge to you, and are greatly appreciated.

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