About Tracy Minton-Matesz

I thought I'd share a little about me, beyond just my list of credentials which you can read below. My guess is others reading this may relate. We go through challenges in life to help us tap into our greatest resources. I am sure I experienced many physical and emotional challenges to prepare me to help others avoid spending unnecessary time and resources experiencing a high vitality, purpose-fueled life.

I never felt like I was 'wired' right for this world. Things just never made sense to me. As a result, I developed beliefs about being flawed, which culminated into insecurities.  I would often need to withdraw from the world to regroup, and gather up the momentum to reemerge. 

As you can imagine, this greatly impacted my ability to thrive and create what I believed to be a successful life. Or, at least what I was 'programmed' to believe was successful

I've since learned why I had these feelings, including how that need to withdraw is common among a group of people labeled as 'highly sensitive persons (HSPs). People who are highly sensitive, empathic, and even some who are more introverted are continually picking up data from their environments, as if wearing a giant satellite dish on their heads.  They feel things very deeply, and need time to process, or pull away when over stimulated. In today's fast-paced culture, with endless possible distractions, bright lights, noises, crowds, multi-tasking, and more, HSPs easily get over stimulated. 

I've also done years worth of research about what was going on in the world to better understand why things never made sense.  And, as a result, I began to connect the dots. So, on one hand, things became more clear to me. On the other hand, what became clear ~ while it made sense ~ it turned my world upside down.

I had to reinvestigate all my previously held values, beliefs, associations, and priorities.

All that I thought I knew about diet.  

All that I thought I knew about environmentalism.

All that I thought I knew about being a compassionate person.

And really everything I thought I understood about history and life was not quite what I was taught!  In fact, I began to investigate more about my own ancestral roots, as I realized I knew very little.  I realized that my feeling rootless, and without a tribe was impacting my sense of wellbeing. 

So, I embarked on a new course, in which all that was no longer, or never was authentic to me ~ of my own personality parts, beliefs, 'friends', things, alliances, values, ways of eating and living ~ began to fall away, as the new, or rather more real me began to finally emerge.

When it comes to 'soul searching' and trying various types of diets or therapies, I've been there, done that.  

I once devoured self-help and 'New-Age' books. I trained in several types of holistic healing, and yet I have come to see healing as the process of breaking free from the mental viruses that keep us stuck.  And, like an alcoholic, the first step is to recognize that we have the virus to begin with! Most of us don't and our ego would prefer we won't!

About My Journey to becoming certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Holistic CORE Counselor & Educator

While I have several certifications under my belt, they are all just tools in my Medicine Bag.  In many American Indian belief systems, each animal, plant, and person has their own medicine. Sometimes, you may need to go through a lot of challenges to discover what it is!  Essentially, our medicine is what comes most naturally to us, and a key indicator as to our divine purpose.  What we are here to share in service of others.

What about me is so different than the countless other holistic healing practitioners?

Well, we all have our unique body of knowledge and body of experience.

My challenges were a result of many life experiences, too much to list here. My highly sensitive and empathic nature, and the configuration of who I am ~ while a challenge to deal with, especially with little guidance in my early life ~ became my sword. Being very empathic can be emotionally taxing, yet equally gratifying when in service of helping reflect the beauty, gifts, and true light back to others.

I am 100% committed to living as a sovereign being, with as much physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom possible.

This requires a particular dedication and focus. And a willingness to think and live outside of societal boxes. 

My passion is to help myself, and all others willing, to break free from the mental viruses that keep us enslaved to our lower ego thoughts and limiting beliefs and perceptions about ourselves.

Once you break free, and release all that is not really in resonance with who you really are, you can reveal your true nature, or more fully integrate your Soul's true essence and purpose with your personality.  That is the foundation to creating a sweet, fruitful life. 

Self-knowledge, and self-awareness are the beginning steps. You will make much better decisions for yourself when you know your self, your needs, how you best function, and what you can do to best thrive.  A high vitality diet is  a great start, but there is much more to it. 

I have now created my own MAP ~ or ten step plan to get you from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you most desire to be ~ as outlined in The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan, Your MAP to Overcome Obstacles & Realize Your Dreams.

For those interested, I've listed my credentials below.

You can read a few testimonials, here.  And all my services, here.


About Tracy's Primary Credentials

I also completed an Occupational Certificate in Yoga Teacher Training at Scottsdale Community College in 2016, and have extensive training in a variety of energy healing styles, including Reiki, Transformational Reiki, Magnified Healing and more, since 2000.

In 2012, I completed certification in Plant Based Nutrition through e-Cornell and T. Colin Campbell.  I also have training in massage and reflexology.

While I spent a lot of time and money getting a lot of the above training, I have focused on helping people as a Health Coach, Holistic CORE Counselor, and through my books. 

My personal hobbies or past times involve being in Nature, walking/hiking, writing, reading, training with my husband, Coach Don, using body weight resistance, barbells, and the X3 elastic band training system

Believe it or not, I really do enjoy creating harmonious living spaces ~ including cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering, which I revere as divinely feminine, sacred service.

My Holistic Health Coaching services help clients transcend the obstacles that prevent them from consciously creating their most ideal ~ or most illuminated life.

I am very grateful for learning Dr. Hart's Holistic CORE Counselor /Educator program as up until taking his course in 2009, none of the programs I studied, or therapies I tried had helped me become more in control of not only my emotions, but every aspect of my life. 

My Mission: To help myself and others realize our Divine Purpose and live our most illuminated life