The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan in paperback & kindle

The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan ~ Your MAP to Overcome Obstacles and Realize Your Dreams (formerly called The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, Your MAP to Consciously & Effectively Create Your Most Illuminated Life) is available on Amazon in paperback, and on Kindle.

This ten-step plan is a simple but effective guide, or MAP,  to help you overcome the common obstacles that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams.  These steps are proven to be effective in helping reframe limiting beliefs, and old, unresolved emotions.  

You can learn to break free from automatic conditioned responses, and release what no longer serves your best interests to more organically align with your most illuminated path ~ that path where you most shine!

When you share your innate gifts in meaningful ways, you enjoy a better quality of life.  You experience greater enthusiasm, vitality, and flow as you become ever more in sync with your Soul's Divine Mission.  Your confidence will soar as well!

 The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan can help you get from Point A to Point B ~ and beyond ~ as effectively and elegantly as possible!

The ten steps of The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan will help you better manage 'your parts' or unhealed aspects of yourself so you can learn to respond ~ rather than react ~ to all that shows up. 

Whether you desire to lose weight, stop smoking (or give up any other self-negating habit), improve your finances, meet your future spouse, or start a business, it's the old negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living a fruitful life.

All you need is a MAP!

To undertake any journey in life, you need a MAP.  

The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan is organized as a series of steps, or tools to help you become more conscious of all the ways you may be going into the 'Dodgy D's' or expressing any of the 'Hidden Killers' and unintentionally sabotaging your health and your life.

When someone reacts emotionally, they are essentially going into a trance.

There are many ways we find ourselves unwittingly 'entranced' without realizing it. Unfortunately, you don't realize you are in a trance-like state until you snap out of it ~ if then ~ and take steps to become more accountable and responsible to your emotional reactions, and limiting belief systems.

Unless you do, you are a slave to your emotions.

Being able to learn tools to manage your emotions and triggered responses will boost your confidence, and help you be better at creating your desired outcomes.

The video below is a reading from The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan (formerly The S.S. Self-Empowerment Plan) helping you discern what type of vision you have.  The lens through which you view the world ~ whether you have judgmental, greedy, resentful, superior, inferior, or loving vision ~ is greatly influencing the outcomes showing up in your life.

Listen to the video below (or read more in the book) to determine which type of vision you have!

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