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Food and Faith To Savor For Life
And Mind-Body Health

Food and faith are two of the primary cornerstones to achieving greater health and freedom ~ physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.  

My husband Don and I have tried a myriad of diets trying to resolve our personal ongoing nagging conditions, including allergies, digestive issues, psoriasis, and others, while also maintaining mental and physical health as we age.  

We also spent many years ~ both personally before we met, and together since God miraculously brought us together in 2010 ~ searching for truth, and the right alignment or operating system.

We plugged into various 'tribes' ~ both food and faith related ~ only to reach dead ends.  Our experiences have shaped our direction, both with respect to our diet, and our faith, bringing us into unexpected, unchartered territories ~ for us.  

So what have we learned?  

Read on, or jump ahead to the FOOD FAITH & FORGIVENESS TOC, below.

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light." ~ Matthew 6:22

A Savory Diet of Food And Faith For A Healthy, Fruitful Life

Our physical, mental / emotional and spiritual growth and health has paralleled our blossoming immersion into the Christian faith ~ a journey which itself has had many twists and turns, coupled with many undeserved blessings!

Enjoying a fruitful life with the ability to experience grace and peace ~ including freedom from limiting perceptions, false ideologies, debilitating anxiety-ridden mindsets and insecurities, premature physical and mental decline, and many other pitfalls and struggles of modern life ~ requires the right food and faith along with hard work, discipline, and vigilance.  

For Christians, this is essential for a better life now, and for eternal life to come.

The problem is ~ as we continue to learn ~  the way is truly narrow that leads to life, and sadly, too few find it!  False / misleading beliefs about EVERYTHING abound, including about diet and health and what being a Christian entails.

Discernment is key to being able to separate the wheat from the chaff ~ that which is true and relevant, versus that which is not ~ especially within the arenas of food and faith!

"Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it." ~Matthew 7:13-14

To remain free of diseases and premature degeneration and decline, including senior senility and dementia, it's important to take steps NOW, whatever your age.  Learn which foods are nutritious to enjoy, and which foods should be greatly minimized or avoided.

As important as eating the right foods may be, it's even more critical to be aware of what 'food' we are allowing in to our mental psyche and subconscious mind.

Spiritually speaking, it is intrinsic to human nature to desire to worship that which is greater than us.  We are designed by our Creator with a certain degree of free will.  It is this will ~ and the many forces operating against it of both a fleshly and spiritual nature ~ that require the greatest discernment and discipline if we are to live a healthy, virtuous, fruitful life.  

A fruitful life is one lived in accordance with God's plan for you.  Service, obedience and discipline may sound oppressive, but in fact, these actions are liberating to your soul, which suffers when feeling disconnected from God.

Hence, food and faith are the two cornerstones I have chosen to focus on as my particular 'ministry of health.'  We can best teach that which we have already learned.  

I am not a traditional licensed counselor, nor am I trained in any type of ministerial service.  I have experience overcoming mental / emotional obstacles and insecurities, and training and experience with diet and health.

I know the pitfalls of being guided by an inferior operating system, which I refer to as Satan's Operating System (SOS).  Satan means adversary, and our greatest adversary is our own mind.  I also know the ins and outs of all the popular diets.

My desire through my food and faith health ministry is to help others align with a far superior, more trust and praise worthy operating system, which I refer to as our Divine Operating System (DOS) to avoid the pitfalls and subsequent suffering of the inferior SOS.  

I can only plant seeds.  God is the sower, and can further illuminate your way.  

Below, you will find a list of topics, divided under the three main topics of FOOD, FAITH & FORGIVENESS.  Scan the lists, and check out what you feel most drawn to learning more about at this juncture in time.

If interested, you can also read a bit more about my journey below as well.

We promote a savory, low-sodium/salt-free and potassium-rich (K>Na) diet of Meats & Sweets for optimal long-term health and freedom from unnatural mental and physical degenerative disease.

Check out the articles linked to learn what the Live Fruitfully Food And Faith Health Ministry entails.  

Pardon in advance for any potential confusion or broken links as I will eventually merge the various blogs with this website.

Outline of the Live Fruitfully Ministry of food and faith based topics you can find here so far, with more to come.  
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"So eat your food and enjoy it; drink your wine and be happy, because that is what God wants you to do." ~Ecclesiastes 9:7

A bit of History...and why I am so passionate about food and faith

I ~ like many of you ~ have come from interesting, if not challenging early environments.  

I struggled for years with a fun blend of nagging physical health issues, and somewhat debilitating insecurities.  

Our early life experiences shape our beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and the world, which in turn can influence our every thought and behavior.

(Picture from our 10 year vow renewal service at Capac Bible Church on 7-11-2021.  We were not originally married in a traditional Christian service.)

As a very self-reflective introvert, I often had a heightened sense of not fitting into this world.  I also had many emotional challenges, losses, and even an assault that occurred while in college that took time to fully process.  

While there is much more I could share, suffice it to say, my challenges were the impetus to a life of seeking answers and natural solutions to what ailed me ~ physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.

Food and faith, along with forgiveness, learning to hold all thoughts captive, and a sincere desire for truth ~ even when that truth was either uncomfortable, or completely antithetical to what I had previously learned and believed ~  have literally transformed my life.  Praise God!

While I was always passionate about cooking and eating natural foods, and I have spent a lot of my focus on healing through natural means, I have come to realize that it is our mind and our thoughts ~ indeed our entire operating system ~ that needs to be upgraded if we are to have any sort of lasting joy and peace, and bear good fruit.

Being born again of the Holy Spirit provided me with the power and means to defeat my greatest adversary ~ my own mind, and all my old insecurities.  

I have learned that it is not so much our experiences that matter, but how we respond to life that shapes the person we become.

For me, food and faith plus forgiving others and myself has been my trifecta or cornerstones to achieving the physical and mental/emotional freedom I so craved my entire life.  

Being able to overcome the inferior SOS of this fallen state (which we are all born into), and align with our far superior DOS, has been quintessential to my own transformation ~ something I hope to help others achieve as well.

Do stay tuned for more!  

May God bless you on your journey through the narrow gate!


My FAITH keeps my focus on God. When I seek God first in ALL I do, I live fruitfully.  

My own plans led me down crooked paths and into dead ends.


Meats & Sweets is our versatile meal plan that highlights nutrient-dense foods updated to include Biblically clean low-sodium/salt-free, potassium rich meals that can keep us out of the doctors office!  


FORGIVENESS is liberating.  When we forgive others, God forgives us.  

This can greatly lighten our load, help us sleep better, and see life through new lenses.

God created us to be healthy, strong and fruitful, not sick, weak and  unproductive! 


You were chosen to go and bear fruit! ~ John 15:16

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing." ~John 15:5

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