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Live fruitfully for Vibrant health, Emotional freedom & Lasting Peace 

To live fruitfully can mean different things to different people.  I will define a fruitful life as one in which we come into our Divine Alignment, and are able to live in a continual present-moment awareness, allowing our Divine Operating System, or DOS to illuminate our path. This is a way of living that will bear the greatest fruit, however, we have to get ourselves, or our egos, out of the way.

To live fruitfully will not come by following the advice of others, including so-called experts, or even our own thoughts about what we believe is our best path. This isn't about following the 'Laws of Manifestation' or 'Laws of Attraction.' Although they may work, to an extent, and you may be able to manifest material objects and resources, it requires a lot more efforting. And, relying on the use of these New Age/metaphysical approaches to acquire things can unintentionally keep us from living your most fruitful, illuminated life!

I consider having excellent health to be the foundation to living a fruitful life, yet a good majority of the population is dealing with some level of physical or mental / emotional dis-ease.  Add to that the increased numbers of people experiencing depression and anxiety, addictions, and/or all manner of personal, social, and financial challenges and one begins to wonder, what happened?

What does it take to live fruitfully?  

What does it take to live fruitfully?

Consider these traits that are hallmarks of living a fruitful life:

  • Self-confidence
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Thriving health
  • Mental clarity with a balance of reason, logic, and internal/divine 'knowing'
  • Self-reliance, resilience, and resourcefulness
  • Lasting inner peace, free of anger, resentments, and other toxic emotions
  • Desire and willingness to be of service
  • Trust and faith in the divine unfolding plan for one's life

Can you imagine experiencing any and all of the above?

Would you believe me when I say that it is our birthright to live fruitfully, and experience all of the above, and more? And, with relative ease? I don't mean without challenges, I mean, the ease and grace that comes when we align our lives appropriately, and allow our life to unfold, rather than will our personal desires into reality. 

Eating the right foods, establishing healthy routines, living in a relatively organized and decluttered homegrounding and connecting with Nature, maintaining mutually supportive and nurturing relationships, and creating or finding a meaningful livelihood that can help you cultivate your strengths and gifts are all essential, and perhaps obvious components to living a fruitful life. 

Living in harmony with Natural Law, or Logos and the Divine Order ~ along with learning to overcome the primary obstacles that hold people back ~ are essential, less obvious pieces to the live fruitfully 'pie' that too few people are discussing.  

Most important is to take the necessary steps to allow your most illuminated path to be revealed.  We must choose it, and think and act accordingly!

Our commitment to knowing who we are and what God ~ our Divine Creator ~ Wills for our life must be stronger than the pull of our ego, and our attachments to the world of effects. This requires inner fortitude and a strong spirit to overcome one's upbringing, education, and cultural indoctrination! 

What is the live fruitfully site all about?

What provides the greatest satisfaction and happiness is much more than just manifesting anything you desire as per New Age teachings of the 'Laws of Attraction.'

To live fruitfully, is to live authentically.  

The primary obstacles to living authentic, healthy, fruitful lives are unresolved, toxic emotions, erroneous, self-negating beliefs, and living counter to Logos, or the Divine Order.  

To live fruitfully, then, requires learning what these toxic emotions are, recognizing how they are negatively impacting your life, and learning what you can do to overcome them.  

The primary objective of Live Fruitfully website is to inspire living fruitful lives!

More specifically, to provide information and resources, plus Health Coaching, & Holistic CORE Counseling & Education or Spiritual Mentoring for those who desire support achieving any of the following:

  • Excellent physical health ~ free from premature degenerative dis-ease
  • A super simple, satisfying, and life-supporting way of eating
  • Natural health care and appropriate supplementation
  • Emotional freedom and maturity
  • Self-confidence
  • Harmonious, life-affirming lifestyle routines
  • Heightened discernment and ability to see more holistically, rather than falling for the pervasive binary con 'it's this or it's that' mentality
  • Greater sense of connection 
  • Clarity of one's gifts and Divine purpose
  • Lasting peace, free of anger and resentment
  • Practical steps or guidance to get from Point A to Point B, and beyond

It is only when we are in our right alignment ~ with respect to our true nature, and  Logos, referenced in the Greek Bible in lieu of 'Word' ("In the beginning was 'Logos'...) representing reason, and the divine order or natural laws ~ that we can fulfill our divine purpose and experience lasting inner peace. 

Sound bold? The Truth reveals itself. It is undeniable. The proof is in the consequences. The consequences are reflected in all areas of our lives!

WE are a sum total of all our past choices, and we can make sweeping changes to live a more illuminated life, if and when we are ready!

Without an awareness of our true nature, and right alignment, life will feel more heavy, confusing, difficult, and alienating. We become more vulnerable to our vices as we attempt to placate our inner pain, and cope with our struggles.  

We experience an inner disquietude that gnaws at us, and is unquenchable ~  unless we forgive our parents, and those who wronged us, and return to our Divine Father, and therefore, our Divine Inheritance, and Right Alignment.

If you are experiencing ongoing inner strife including:  

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue & dis-ease
  • Self-doubt
  • Addictions
  • Anger, frustration, and resentments
  • Regrets & remorse
  • Any other physical, mental, and /or emotional limitations that are not resolving, no matter what you try...

...then perhaps it's time to get to the root of the matter to live fruitfully!

You can overcome toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, and renew your life!  You just need the right tools, and to take some basic, simple steps.

As 'diet' actually means a prescribed way of eating and living, it is critical these days to be aware of the food we are 'ingesting' in all forms ~ not just physical!

The right foods help us to feel physically and mentally uplifted, balanced, and energized. 

To enjoy a simple, healthy diet plan and easy, delicious recipes, check out Meats & Sweets, A High Vitality Dietco-written with my husband, Don Matesz.

For a MAP to help you get from Point A, where you are to Point B, where you desire to be, check out  The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan.   

Look for my follow up book, The Golden Compass, a guide for living your most awakened, and illuminated life. 

Are you living a fruitful life?

Here are a few examples of what living fruitfully may look like. Each individual must illuminate their most fruitful sweet spot!

If you are not yet living your most fruitful life, what is stopping you?

Do you desire any of the following?

Greater Physical Health & Vitality, including:

  • Balanced, steady blood sugar and even moods 
  • Abundant energy to fuel your passions, and enjoy life
  • Healthy, graceful aging, maintaining independence through all stages of life, including age-appropriate physical strength, stamina, and mobility 
  • Mental sharpness, focus, and clear thinking ~ especially as you age!
  • Less reliance on invasive surgeries & expensive medications as possible
  • Trust your true nature to eat the most healing foods for you!

Greater Mental Clarity & Emotional Freedom, including:

  • Confidence and self-control
  • Positive mindset
  • Freedom from addictive habits, self-negating beliefs, and automatic emotional reactions
  • Resolution of old disappointments, regrets, &/or trauma through dealing with the wounded 'parts' and forgiveness, including forgiving our parents!
  • More fruitful and satisfying personal and professional life
  • Healthy, loving relationships
  • Greater happiness and inner peace

In Chinese medicine we say, 'where there is flow, there is no pain.  Where there is pain, there is no flow.'   

Ready to get flowing, and create a sweet, healthy, thriving and fruitful life?  Let's talk, and discuss how I can help!

learn more

  • Health coaching - customize a high vitality diet for your needs and condition.  

  • Holistic CORE Counseling - provides the MAP ~ tools to get unstuck, and update your mental operating systems to build confidence, and put you in the drivers seat of your life.

  • Functional Medicine - read Don's article on the importance of supplementing the diet, and why quality matters!
  • Celebrant Services available for local clients for weddings, baby welcoming celebrations, and more.  Click here for my Celebrant Collection of rustic, seasons, country, and floral stunning nature-themed wedding, baby shower, and Christmas holiday party invitations.

Live Fruitfully Store with Live Fruitfully mugs, aprons, and tote bags, and women's shirts or racerback tank tops. Each can be customized by colors and/or size. Most with a few words to inspire living a fruitful life. Strong Spirit Path, and Strong Spirit Woman, along with more special collections can be found at the Live Fruitfully Store.

Nature's Sunshine and Standard Process are two high quality companies that have been around for decades. They produce herbs and supplements proven to be highly bio-available. Some diet gurus like to claim that supplements are unnecessary, however, this may be very inappropriate advice. Considering how most of us live, and the rapid changes to our soils and ecosystems since the Industrial Revolution, along with increasing exposure to unseen, yet harmful electromagnetic frequencies with the advent of modern technology, supplements may be required ~ whether temporarily or continually ~ to both restore and maintain optimal health. Learn more here.

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Where to next? 

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who am i???

My name is Tracy, and I am an author, Health Coach, Certified Holistic CORE Counselor & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I've spent years experimenting with many 'diets,' therapies and methods to overcome the physical, mental and emotional obstacles that kept me stuck. My earlier life was wrought with many losses, emotional and physical health challenges, and setbacks for which I lacked the appropriate guidance and tools ~ or MAP ~ to better navigate my life.

I've since learned how to help myself ~ and many clients ~ overcome debilitating beliefs and habits to experience greater health, clarity, self-confidence, authenticity, happiness, and inner peace.  The more excited we are about our life, the more vital we will feel.

With a high vitality diet, a positive mindset, and the right MAP ~ you can thrive in all areas of your life! Read more about me, here.  Read a few testimonials, here.

The wrong foods, and/or lifestyles in discord to our genuine needs, desires, and true nature leads to poor mental and physical health, and increased stress, disharmony, disquietude, lack of peace and lack of flow.

Negative, lower vibrational 'food' in the form of dark, violent images, movies, music and subliminal symbols and messages are everywhere.  If we are not careful and discerning, too much of these 'foods' will scramble our nervous system and thoughts, and throw us off center. They implant into our psyche like a virus of the mind, short circuiting our own operating system, and inner divine, Golden Compass.

Instead of organically trusting and following our natural and divine desires, our wires are crossed, and we chase the shiny dangly 'things' of life ~  activities and relationships that divert our focus, diffuse our power, and/or are superficial, toxic, empty, or counter to our true nature. 

"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author