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Live Fruitfully Spiritual Health Coach + A Meats & Sweets Diet

As a Spiritual Health Coach, my aim is to illuminate a simple, straight forward path for you to live fruitfully, and enjoy a high vitality life, as God intended! 

I coach you to enjoy our dogma-free, simple yet flexible Meats & Sweets Diet, while helping you awaken your Divine Operating System (DOS) to find your sweet spot, and be illuminated by what I call your Golden Compass within.

Many consider science to be the supreme source of answers to what ails us. Yet, after decades of experimenting with every kind of diet, and many alternative health practices to transcend my physical and emotional challenges, I found the most powerful source of healing individual and societal ills is spiritual. It's all spiritual.

Science and technology have their place, yet neither can help people live a fruitful, high vitality life.  If it could, we would not be seeing escalating rates of  obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, unnatural aging and decline, anxiety, depression, suicides, addictions, autism, and all the 3 & 4 letter 'diseases' like ADD and ADHD.

Before reading any further,  welcome to Live Fruitfully, your source for practical and Biblical inspiration for living a high vitality, fruitful life!

My name is Tracy Matesz, and you may like to know that I was raised atheist!  I understand the resistance to a belief in Creation, or flat out rebellion against Biblical Health Coaching as a practical approach to healing our mind and body!

My lifelong pursuit to live a radiant, purposeful life ~ which cost a lot of time and resources ~ brought me to this conclusion: healing comes from one source, God. 

My hope is you will read further, so I may help you connect the dots, as I finally did and avoid the expense, frustration, and even heart break that often marks the path to living disconnected from your spiritual source.

What qualifies me to be a biblical health coach?

In a word, experience!

I began my healing journey long before kale, and vegetables in general were considered the elixirs of good health.  And although I once acted as a minister preaching the virtues of dark leafy greens, I have since left that pulpit. Thank God!  You won't achieve lasting peace by chugging down green smoothies!

My first major physical symptoms began around age four or five with horrible seasonal allergies. Allergy testing produced a strong response to dust, pollen, ragweed, grasses, and cat dander.  Other myriad health issues arose over the years, which I highlighted below for those interested.

I was also a shy introverted kid which led to insecurities because I lacked the  tools and understanding about the way my brain and nervous system operated a bit differently than extroverts.  

Nature was my place of solace; allergies could not keep me from hanging with my friends, the trees!  Thus, the seeds of my adventures in healing were planted!

  • Hypoglcemia
  • Digestive issues including lower belly bloating & gas
  • Irregular elimination w/ on and off constipation, despite high-fiber diets
  • Occasional side pain that had me doubled over
  • Raynauld's Syndrome w/ painful, cold & stark white fingers post exertion while living in the mountains
  • Chronically cold hands & feet
  • Skin breakouts on my chin that were difficult to clear 
  • Tendonitis & joint discomfort that impeded training
  • Bouts of debilitating fatigue
  • Postural hypotension in which I would have to brace myself before 'dropping' or feeling very dizzy, followed by uncontrollable mini seizure-like shakes
  • Low motivation
  • Low moods
  • Loss of mental clarity, focus and ability to retain info
  • A minor nervous breakdown
  • Excessive hair falling out
  • Premature aging of skin, hair
  • Yearly sickness, with high fever four times in one year
  • Kidney and bladder infections
  • Hep A contracted eating bad shrimp while traveling in Mexico
  • Childhood and adult measles or chicken pox

The inspiration to developing Practical Biblical Health Coaching 

My quest to overcome my many challenges sent me on a journey that traversed several dimensions ~ diet and nutrition, self-help, New Age / metaphysical and holistic health. Since my relentless pursuit was to heal my nagging health issues and embody radiant health, I started with diet and nutrition.

I tried every manner of dietary strategy including food combining and rotation diets, the Body Ecology Diet, and a variety of vegan, macrobiotic, raw, and produce-rich, plant-based to nearly plant free animal-centered diets, and minimal to keto diet levels of fat.

Next, came the 'alternative' therapies and counseling.  I acquired several holistic healing licenses and certifications, including: massage, Reiki (energy healing), reflexology, hypnotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Holistic CORE Counseling, yoga, and others.

I spent one year attending weekly 90 minute Zen meditation sittings with monthly 12 hour, and one long 3-day, 15 hours per day weekend meditation retreats that culminated in a sprained ankle, and an end to my Zen daze.

I wasn't just working on improving my physical vitality and health.  I had a lot of other stuff to heal and overcome. I was the victim of several crimes throughout my life, and carried around a lot of heavy shame and regret. 

One day I woke up wondering: What was I doing to attract all this crap into my life?  I mean, I'm trying to thrive, not just barely survive!

Holistic CORE Counseling provided my first real MAP to understanding how to transcend emotional triggers and more consciously create desired outcomes.  I share my personalized system in The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan, Your MAP to Overcome Obstacles and Realize Your Dreams, available on Kindle and in paperback.

My most profound transformation occurred after an unexpected string of events, beginning around the spring of 2019. I was overcome with a strong spontaneous urge to repent, and begin reading the Bible, followed later by a process of forgiving my parents.  A huge weight lifted, and the veils dropped. I felt elated. Other aspects of my life began to fall into place, as if by magic.

The seeds to my life long pursuit for greater vitality, and a more fruitful life finally began to bear fruit, and became the inspiration for my current Live Fruitfully website and Biblical Health Coaching approach.

I understand now that my struggles reflected a life that was out of harmony with the Divine Order.  What pain I could have avoided had I known then what I know now, yet I wouldn't change a thing, as these experiences were my greatest teachers!  God doesn't want us to suffer, but He does want us to grow in Spirit, and develop character.  

Practical, Biblical Health Coaching is a marriage of common sense, scriptural inspiration and practices, and a Meats & Sweets High Vitality Diet with just enough evidence-based science.

How our Live Fruitfully Biblical health coaching can help

Biblical Health Coaching provides practical steps you can take to achieve your health goals ~ customized for individual needs ~ featuring dietary suggestions, nutritional and herbal recommendations, and techniques for overcoming stress, habitual worry, lifestyle and substance addictions, and any of the other emotional hidden killers outlined in The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan

Biblical Health Coaching is ultimately focused on helping you cultivate 'the Fruit of the Spirit' ~ lasting peace, love, joy, and more ~ for a truly fruitful, radiant, high vitality life.  

Contrarily, stress, fear, worry, anger and self-doubt ages you and robs you of your life force!

If you are not yet bearing an abundance of luscious, juicy, ripe fruit, maybe it's time to live more fruitfully, with Biblical Health Coaching!

Contact Me to schedule a complementary consultation and determine if this is right for you!

influencers of my biblical health coaching approach

I owe much of what I now share to a few men:

My dad, above, The Content of Character Panel, Phoenix AZ, 2019 (JLP is peaking his head up on the left), Don & I, 2019, right.


Live Fruitfully resources and services are available to any sincere seekers desiring greater vitality and a more fruitful life, regardless of religious affiliations, or lack thereof.  I am not a member of  any popular Christian or religious denominations.

I have transitioned from my previous practices, offering prayerful healing in lieu of energy healing, and guiding clients to start a silent meditation practice to get to know thyself, and learn to listen to the voiceless voice of God.  I discuss this greater detail in my upcoming book, The Golden Compass, and in our coaching sessions.

I now avoid the entire New Age movement, and no longer give or receive readings or practice channeling. There are too many dark spirits operating in the unseen realms that many vulnerable people unwittingly leave themselves open to.  Relying on card or psychic readings, pendulums, etc. implies a lack of faith in God to guide your way.  

I can't make any promises about your results, because God is the healer.  I am just here to help illuminate your path to a fruitful, high vitality life, and  Divine Healing. I draw on scriptural teachings plus my years of training and experience in diet, nutrition, and healing the mind, body and spirit.

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light." ~ Matthew 6:22

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." ~ Matthew 7:13

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