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Overcome self-doubt, Eat a high vitality diet & Trust your dOS!

Are you plagued with self-doubt?

Do you struggle to make choices about what is best for your life, whether with respect to which foods to eat, or with respect to your personal and professional life?

Do you harbor old resentments, or get easily triggered into stress, anxiety, anger, or other debilitating emotional states? 

Are you often worried about the future ~ events that may or may not even transpire ~ or contrarily, do you have old, unresolved issues that keep you stuck in the past?

Do you feel confused about your best path in life, or have an underlying sense of not being worthy or good enough?  

Or, do you simply feel like you don't fit in, or perhaps feel challenged because of being either more introverted, highly sensitive, or empathic?

Would you benefit from engaging a more effective guidance system, one that you can learn to trust implicitly to guide you moment to moment, and day to day, while also learning a practice to keep you from getting stuck in your head?

Live Fruitfully is a resource for helping people like YOU discover your sweet spot  ~  with respect to your diet, and every aspect of your life.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic CORE Counselor, I ~ like many counselors and therapists ~ focus on helping people make positive lifestyle changes, overcome self-doubts, and better manage stress and negative emotions or 'parts' that can sabotage one's life and personal or health goals.  

Both my husband Don and I also have a passion for helping folks find their sweet spot with respect to the right types of foods, and strength training + mobility  routines.  Don especially focuses on safe and simple fitness routines which can be done from your own home.

We promote a healthy Meats & Sweets, High Vitality Diet, which offers an ideal combination of foods prioritized into three tiers of foods, providing an incredibly simple and satisfying way of eating.

Despite our passion for maintaining and improving health through diet and exercise, we have both learned that the greatest challenge most people face is learning how to overcome self-doubt, anger, anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions, and how to implement what I refer to as our Divine Operating System, or DOS.  

No matter how well we eat and live, if we harbor anger and resentments, and are plagued with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, we will suffer the consequences through discord or dis-ease in some area of our life, if not our physical health.

To live fruitfully requires having the ability to respond rationally, rather than react emotionally, and to be able to discern and trust that 'voiceless voice' of wisdom and guidance within.  

After years of helping myself and clients overcome self-doubts, stress, and the negative emotions which sabotage our lives, I have come to realize just how much our mind, emotions, and spiritual orientation are so interconnected.  

Focusing on only one aspect of who we are is an inferior strategy.  In fact, focusing on the spiritual aspect is a far more effective way of operating, despite popular culture indicating otherwise.

Emotions, stress, and health are all intertwined, but too few are connecting the dots.  

Our culture has trained us to put our faith and trust into so-called experts and science (all of which are fallible, and biased.)

We are being collectively programmed, and regularly 'consume' a lot of 'food' that is draining our vitality, influencing our perspectives, and diminishing our ability to experience true and lasting health, vitality, contentment, and inner peace.

Whether you desire better health, a simpler, healthier diet, or greater self-confidence and peace, you can find your sweet spot and live fruitfully when you take the right steps.

In fact, one of the most powerful 'tools' one can use to heal on all levels is to practice forgiveness.  The forgiveness process ~ when understood and followed ~ can liberate you from negative emotions, like anger and resentment.

The process is simple. Doing it is the challenge.  Only a few will follow the narrow path to an illuminated life. 

What it Means to live fruitfully

As I see it, the three main components to living a healthy, fruitful life include:

  • Having good physical health
  • Overcoming anger and negative emotions through forgiveness
  • Engagement of our Divine Operating System, or DOS

The word fruitful conjures images of a healthy, productive, high-yielding, bountiful fruit tree.

According to the, synonyms for fruitful include:

  • effective
  • profitable
  • rewarding
  • successful
  • useful
  • worthwhile
  • blossoming
  • fertile
  • flourishing
  • gainful
  • plenteous 
  • prolific

In the Old Testament, God told Abraham to "Be fruitful and multiply." Meaning be useful, effective, gainful, plenteous, prolific and fertile to grow and blossom humanity.

Contrast that to not being fruitful, as described by the antonyms to fruitful, below.

Antonyms (opposites) of fruitful include

  • disadvantageous
  • unfavorable
  • unhelpful
  • unprofitable
  • useless
  • worthless
  • barren
  • impotent
  • sterile
  • unproductive

When we eat and live right, we blossom, flourish, and are rewarded in ways, beyond what we could imagine. It's so simple and straight forward!

By contrast, if we succumb to self-doubt and bad habits, we inevitably become impotent, sterile, useless, unproductive, barren, unhelpful, and disadvantageous to the rest of the family, and humanity.  

So, to live fruitfully requires eating right, living right, and overcoming the self-doubt and other negative emotions, including anger, stress, and resentment that plagues so many.

There is a certain order to life, and when we harmonize with this order, we experience the grace and peace of a fruitful life.

Once we have a better understanding of what it takes to live fruitfully ~ how to eat and live in accordance with the divine order ~ we can rectify what may be in discord to our  experiencing a flourishing, rewarding, useful, successful, fruitful life!

Whether you are interested in improving your physical health, or overcoming self-doubt, stress, habitual worry, and other toxic emotions ~ what I refer to as the 'hidden killers' in  The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan ~ we have information, resources, and services that may help! 

Components of Living Fruitfully (Not Emotionally!)


As I discuss in my article outlining the various components of physical health, having good health is more than an absence of disease.

To optimize our genetic potential, and live a fruitful, high vitality life requires eating the right, nutrient-dense basic staple foods, and avoiding foods known to disrupt hormones and diminish health, along with physical conditioning, and appropriate lifestyle habits.

Remaining strong and flexible as you age will keep you young, and help you remain mobile and productive throughout your entire life span. That's a recipe for fruitful living!


Mental clarity, and peace of mind comes from learning to observe rather than participate in the endless chatter and imagination of the mind. 

The ego will fill us with all manner of thoughts about what we should or should not do, how great or how horrible we are, and on and on. It fills us with self-doubt, and puffs us up with pride. 

The ego can destroy us. Especially since we identify with our thoughts, and our various wounded parts ~ as if they are who we are.

The ego projects worse case scenarios, analyzes, identifies, and judges ~ none of which will contribute to living a fruitful life.  It will lead to worry, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress though!

There is a way to overcome! It requires a present-moment focus daily practice.  And, it's a key step to living fruitfully!


We obtain peace of mind through overcoming negative emotions and self-doubt!

One of the best methods of overcoming these debilitating, toxic emotions is the process of forgiveness.

Negative emotions keep you stuck in the past, or worried about the future, and prevent you from being able to remain present, and respond to events or 'triggers' calmly, with logic and reason, rather than reacting from a charged emotional state.  Then you can live fruitfully rather than emotionally!

Are you ready to overcome self-doubt, anger, and habitual worry and anxiety to experience a divinely illuminated & fruitful life?



  • Vibrant energy
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Emotional freedom 
  • Inner peace (which is priceless!)


  • Consumption of the right, basic, simple, nutrient-dense foods
  • Regular physical activity
  • A daily practice to get to know yourself, and learn to observe the antics of the mind (ego) ~ an inferior operating system 
  • Engagement of your DOS
  • Present-moment focus
  • Taking care of your physical/financial needs
  • Responding to what is in front of you in every moment

When we live fruitfully, we are productive, effective, useful and prolific. Our life blossoms. We flourish. We enjoy success ~ the fruits of our labor. We are no longer plagued by self-doubt, anger, hate or anxiety.

And we experience vitality, satisfaction, real love, and lasting peace.

To live fruitfully and enjoy this website, start here

If you are experiencing ongoing inner strife including:  

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue & dis-ease
  • Excess weight that is difficult to lose, or poor fitness &/or body composition
  • Self-doubt
  • Addictions
  • Anger, frustration, and resentments
  • Regrets & remorse
  • Any other physical, mental, and /or emotional limitations that are not resolving, no matter what you try...

...then perhaps it's time to get to the root of the matter to live fruitfully!

You can overcome toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, and renew your life!  You just need the right tools, and to take some basic, simple steps. Why wait!

Ready to Blossom & Flourish? learn more or Visit our live fruitfully & Strong spirit Path stores!

  • Health coaching - customize a high vitality diet for your needs and condition.  

  • Holistic CORE Counseling - provides the MAP ~ tools to get unstuck, and update your mental operating systems to build confidence, and put you in the drivers seat of your life.

  • Functional Medicine - read Don's article on the importance of supplementing the diet, and why quality matters!

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who am i???

My name is Tracy, and I am an author, Health Coach, Certified Holistic CORE Counselor & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I've spent years experimenting with many 'diets,' therapies and methods to overcome physical health issues, and emotional obstacles that kept me stuck. 

No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to last ~ until the stars finally aligned.

Three important things came together for me that helped me overcome my lifetime of emotions, stress & anxiety, and finally live a more fruitful life.

  1. I began to implement the Holistic CORE Counseling process ~ for myself and my clients
  2. I had a supernatural 'Divine Awakening' experience
  3. I began to listen to E. Michael Jones discuss Logos, and to Jesse Lee Peterson, who advises to go and forgive, and to be still and know

I now see how critical it is to help others overcome their emotions and stop believing their thoughts (or egos) to return to their natural state of being. Stress, anxiety, anger, and resentments are literally killing us ~ individually and collectively.

I have great admiration for the work that Peterson is doing to help men live more productive, fruitful lives ~ as men. I hope to make my own contribution helping women (and men) to overcome the toxic emotions which are like a dark spirit that derails our lives.  

To overcome our major societal ills, we all need to return to our divine right order. Our children, families, communities, and nations will all better flourish when we do.

The wrong foods, and/or lifestyles in discord to our genuine needs, desires, and true nature leads to poor mental and physical health, and increased stress, disharmony, disquietude, lack of peace and lack of flow.

Negative, lower vibrational 'food' in the form of dark, violent images, movies, music and subliminal symbols and messages are everywhere.  If we are not careful and discerning, too much of these 'foods' will scramble our nervous system and thoughts, and throw us off center. They implant into our psyche like a virus of the mind, short circuiting our own operating system, and inner divine, Golden Compass.

Instead of organically trusting and following our natural and divine desires, our wires are crossed, and we chase the shiny dangly 'things' of life ~  activities and relationships that divert our focus, diffuse our power, and/or are superficial, toxic, empty, or counter to our true nature. 

"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author